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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 2012-12-02
Venue Mohegan Sun Arena
Location Uncasville, CT, US
Venue Type Arena
Capacity 12.000
Lineup Corgan, Schroeder, Byrne, Fiorentino
Order of Bands Five Knives, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AMT #1
Source VID
Format MP4
Equipment Unknown
Length 132m
Complete? Yes
Notes Main set; right ranks
AMT #2
Source VID
Format MP4
Equipment iPhone 5
Length 22m
Complete? No
Notes Pre-set: Starla, Plume, Today
Unsurfaced Recordings



  • Starla
  • Plume
  • Today


  • Quasar
  • Panopticon
  • The Celestials
  • Violet Rays
  • My Love Is Winter
  • One Diamond, One Heart
  • Pinwheels
  • Oceania
  • Pale Horse
  • The Chimera
  • Glissandra
  • Inkless
  • Wildflower
  • Space Oddity [Bowie]
  • X.Y.U.
  • Disarm
  • Tonite Reprise
    • Tonight, Tonight
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  • The Dream Machine
  • Hummer


  • Ava Adore
  • Cherub Rock
  • Zero
    • Love Gun [Kiss] (tease)


  • Pre-Set: limited admission pre-show, the so-called VIP performance, 3 songs + Q&A
  • Same setlist as 2012-12-01
  • The Dream Machine: also known as Black Sunshine


2012 Intro
> Quasar
> Panopticon
The Celestials
Violet Rays
BC: Thank you so kindly, thank you!
My Love Is Winter
One Diamond, One Heart
BC: (mic not working properly) Thank you so.... (hits mic, it’s working now) Hello!, thank you so much. Thank you, thank you for such a kind reception, thank you! Welcome, everybody. So as some of you might know, we open our concert with the new Pumpkins album, Oceania. You’ve taken about half that journey so far, I see a man out there kind of doing lots of this (waves hands in air in front of his head), I don’t know what he’s on. Maybe he won a lot at the gambling table today and he’s just excited, but there seems to be a lot of this kinda thing (gestures again) going on, heh heh. So god bless you, uh, heh, heh heh, ho - it’s actually, excu - I wanna speak to that, this man (waves hands again very briefly) for a second personally. It starts to get kinda dark from here on, so I’m not responsible for where you go in your psyche from here on. I’m sorry, young man, you have a problem with something, yes?
Guy in crowd: Yeah, tell the guys, some of the, some of the guys in blue to chill out!
BC: “Tell the guys in blue to chill out,” okay.
Guy in crowd: This is bullshit!, not an acoustic guitar thing.
BC: Okay. Okay, I’m sorry you’re not having a good time so far, sir. (Billy stands still and silent for a moment)
Guy in crowd: Billy, I love you!!
BC: He loves me, but he does not love the men in blue. I want you to know that I love the men in blue, so if you love me, you should love the men in blue, the men in blue are here to protect you from yourself, heh heh. Anyway, Jeff...
Jeff: (clears throat on mic), yeah.
BC: ...Jeff, do you realize what we do when we end the Oceania album, do we just go back and watch football, what are we gonna do?
Jeff: Gamble.
BC: We’re gonna gam - no, no, we’re gonna play some old songs.
Jeff: No, we’ll play a couple jams. A few that you might know. Or might not.
BC: Couple dusties. Cup-in rock, cup-in rocka roll relics [sic]. So, hope you have a good time tonight, we’re having a great time with you, thank you for being here.
Jeff: Let’s fuckin’ party, let’s go.
BC: So this is our title track and cunningly, it’s entitled Oceania.
Pale Horse
The Chimera
> Inkless
Space Oddity
> X.Y.U.
Tonite Reprise
> Tonight, Tonight
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
BC: Thank you very much, thank you! (pointing into crowd) Heh heh, there’s Nicole’s mom.
Nicole: [unintelligible because mic isn’t on]
BC: Your mic’s not on, Nicole, because....
Nicole: (mic not on) On.
BC: On, Nicole mic, on.
Nicole: On. On!
BC: There we go, Nicole Fiorentino.
Nicole: Happy birthday, Mummy.
(sound effect of Jeff saying “Boi-yoing-yoing”)
BC: You havin’ a good time? (crowd cheers) That’s what we wanna hear, Pumpkins fun, fun Pumpkin, Pumpkin fun. Angry doesn’t sell anymore, Nicole, fun, fun sells, it’s all about havin’ fun now in rock and roll.
Nicole: I see a lot of thumbs down going on in the audience...to “no angry”, they still like angry. (crowd cheers)
BC: Over here on the guitar, Mr. Jeff “The Shredder” Schroeder. (Jeff plays short solo) Jeff, who’s your favorite Connecticut guitar player?
Jeff: Uhh, Connecticut guitar player? Uh, Adrian Belew.
BC: Who is it?
Jeff: Adrian Belew.
BC: Adrian Belew?
Jeff: Yeah, he’s from - he was from down the street.
BC: Can you make the rhino noise like Adrian Belew? (makes short “rhino” noise) Hey, young man. (pointing into crowd)
Guy in crowd: Hey!
BC: Yeah, you young man. I got that about 14 songs ago, okay? I can still hear, I got cha, it’s in there, I got it, the fax has come, it’s here (pointing at his head), okay, you can stop making the little funny thingie-jimmy. On the drums, from Portlandia, Mr. Michael Byrne.
unknown Kiss song (tease - Mike plays a short drum fill, followed by 3 notes from Jeff)
BC: Play it, come on, play it! Do that again.
unknown Kiss song (tease - Mike plays a short drum fill, followed by 3 notes from Jeff)
BC: Is it ‘cause you’re downtuned, is that...?
Jeff: (off mic) I’m fuckin’ ready!
BC: You’re ready to go?, heh heh heh. My name is William Patrick Corgan. (sound effect of Jeff saying “Boi-yoing-yoing”) Some of you like the taste of alcohol. Actually, I used to drink tequila. You got any Kiss fans in the house? That’s right. (Billy surveys the crowd) Ahahaha. You want me to wack you off, what does this mean? (starts doing the universal gesture for masturbation) I just looked out and he was doing this, I’m like, after the show you want what? Milk your cow? What, vote, what does this mean? I Am One, you’d like to hear I Am One. When you jack me off later, I will play I Am One for you. (finally stops gesticulating) Fair deal, I feel. Thank you so much for coming, uh, how many old school Smashing Pumpkins fans we got in here tonight? Thank you for stickin’ with me on this crazy ride, thank you so much. And thank you, Jeff, Mike and Nicole for making it happen, thank you.
Nicole: Thank you, Billy. William.
BC: And how many people do we have seeing the band for the first time?
Jeff: Alright.
BC: It’s pretty good. They bought the propaganda. Ahahaha. Well, show’s almost over, just gettin’ to know you a little bit. I’ve gotta blow my millions at the crap table, I’m sorry.
BC: I got hookers to see and uh...this guy’s gotta hook me up and...shave my head and...it’s just busy, I get busy. Speakin’ of gettin’ busy....
Girl in crowd: Love you...
BC: Thank you.
Girl in crowd: ...long tiiiiime!
BC: Heh heh. We would like to play a song for you...that we’ve been workin’ on a while. It was formerly called Black Sunshine. But Black Sunshine is no more. Now, we call it The Dream Machine. We hope you like it.
The Dream Machine
[encore break]
Ava Adore
Cherub Rock
> Zero
> Love Gun (tease)