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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 2010-07-27
Venue Metro
Location Chicago, IL, US
Venue Type Club
Capacity 1100
Lineup Corgan, Schroeder, Byrne, Fiorentino
Order of Bands Kill Hannah, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format WAV
Equipment built-in > DR-07
Length 131m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation WAV-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Hallway.
AUD #2
Source AUD
Format WAV
Equipment AT-831(4.7k mod) > SP Battery Box > H320
Length ~130m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation WAV-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Balcony rail, center, directly above soundboard.
Unsurfaced Recordings
AUD #3
Source AUD
Format WAV
Equipment Stealth mic>iPod
Length ~130m
Complete? Yes
PRO #1
Source PRO
Format VID
Equipment Pro Cams
Length ~130m
Complete? Yes
Notes Three cameras in soundboard area, more angles likely exist.



  • Tristessa


  • Astral Planes
  • Ava Adore
  • Hummer
  • As Rome Burns
  • A Song for a Son
  • Today (abandoned)
  • Today
  • Eye
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  • United States
    • Star Spangled Banner [Key] (tease)
  • Unchained [Van Halen] (tease)
  • Lucky 13 (tease)
  • Blessed Mother
  • Spiteface (tease)
  • Perfect
  • Cherub Rock
  • That's the Way (My Love Is)
  • Owata
  • Stand Inside Your Love
  • Tarantula
  • Tonight Tonight


  • 1979
  • Gossamer (18:15)


  • First show at Metro since the reunion
  • Benefit concert for Medina Lake bassist Matthew Leone
  • Guitar that Billy played during the encore is auctioned off for $10,000 between 1979 and Gossamer
  • Only non-soundcheck performance of Blessed Mother
  • Joe Shanahan, Kill Hannah, and friends of Matthew Leone were brought on stage before 1979
  • 1979 with Matt Walker on drums, Mat Devine on vocals


Astral Planes
> Ava Adore
> As Rome Burns
A Song for a Son
BC: Chicago. You’ve done your city proud tonight, thank you. Thank you so much. How’s everybody feeling? Well, we’re har - up, we, ooh - we’re here to have a good time, right?
Jeff: Oh yeah.
BC: Always a party with the SP.
Jeff: Big time, big time.
BC: Good time, we’re a good time band.
Jeff: Fuck yeah.
BC: And like to keep the good times going right now.
Jeff: All night long.
BC: All night long.
Jeff: Woo!
Today (abandoned after about 5 seconds)
BC: Oh wait, this is the wrong guitar. Oh no it’s not. My bad, my bad. Let’s just skip that song. I know it’s a charity event but don’t fuck with me.
Jeff: [unintelligible]
BC: Heh heh. Let’s try that again. Shhhh. It’s not - it’s hard to play this riff.
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
United States / Star Spangled Banner
BC: Thank you so much. Thank you. We so appreciate you being here tonight, you don’t even know. Total honor to play for you tonight. Thank you for steppin’ up, thank you for steppin’ up for this kid. So who won the raffle, who got the raffle tickets? Yeaah. You thought you were coming to like Dave Matthews Band or something? Remember when the - remember when his bus driver pooped on the people’s heads?
Jeff: Oh yeah, I remember.
BC: Remember that? When it was organic. Green poop. Good for the earth. Like to introduce the band to you now. On the bass, Nicole Fiorentino. On the drums, the samurai, Mike Byrne. And on guitar, the Shredder, Jeff Schroeder. I think I need a little Unchained right now, a little Unchained.
Unchained (tease)
BC: Didn’t have the right tuning, heh heh.
Jeff: I got that down.
BC: This is a song that uh, we’ve been playing at our soundchecks here and there. This is the first time we’re ever going to play it in front of a show - a show, people, show, yeah. English please, English, Billy. This song I’d like to dedicate to all the mothers out there. Where are you, mommies? We appreciate you so much, mommies. We need our mommies. No applause for mommies, what the fuck? What are you, a bunch of [unintelligible word] bastards? “Mommies aren’t good enough for me to applaud, I’m not into mommies, fuck mommies.” (dirty voice) I’m into fuckin’ mommies, man. (normal) How ‘bout you?
Jeff: [unintelligible word]. Yeah, laws, yeah.
BC: Heh heh. Yah. Anyway, like to play this - oh wait, I don’t even have the lyrics, I don’t even know how this song goes, heh heh heh. I need that lyric stand. I don’t even know my own song, what the fuck? Party!
Unchained (tease)
BC: Hold on a second, heh. That’s the brilliance of me, I plan things and then I forget. You guys doin’ alright? You feel like you’re in the right place tonight? We’re all here together for a reason, a good reason too. It’s a good thing. Uh, somebody’s scrambling backstage now. We could just skip the song, Jeff. It’s an okay song, you know. Tsk, so unprofessional. We could do Pumpkins request hour. Let’s test your Pumpkin knowledge, Jeff.
Jeff: Alright, let’s go, yes.
BC: Hold on.
Jeff: Me, Mike and Nicole, me, Mike and Nicole...
BC: What, Nicole?
Jeff: All of us, we’ll see who wins, see who knows the most, see who knows the most.
BC: Oh, okay okay okay okay, okay, okay, let this gentleman right here speak, what song do you wanna hear? Say that again? Jellybelly? We’re not really in the right tuning...but we can play it. Okay, this gentleman right here. Huh?
Nicole: He said - he said Lonely is the Name.
BC: Lucky 13? We played it on the last tour, show ‘im, Jeff.
Lucky 13 (tease - Jeff plays the riff a couple of times in the wrong tuning and Mike joins in)
BC: The kid knows it. Okay. Security, throw this man out. Oh, I didn’t tell you what the - I didn’t tell you what the losing prize was. Well, there we go, thank you. I would like to apologize to all the mommies for my unprofessional behavior. Okay, this is a song called Blessed Mother, Blessed Mother.
Blessed Mother
BC: Thank you so much. It’s uh.... In about a week, it’ll be the 22nd year anniversary of the Smashing Pumpkins debut here at the Metro. Wow, she just gave me her porn, it’s crazy. Made in Berwyn? Anyway. And at that very first show, I played this guitar. I still have it. This was my only guitar, I only had one guitar, one amp. It’s okay, you don’t have to feel sorry for me. Now I have lots of guitars. Actually, yeah, I played Spiteface on this guitar.
Spiteface (tease)
BC: Something like that. It was a shit song, let’s admit it. Heh, anyway. Like to play a song off the Adore album for you now.
BC: Alright. There’s nothing left, that’s the end. You didn’t enter the twenty dollar raffle. God bless you guys, thank you so much. We’re now entering the end of the show rock zone. Look, he’s getting ready. This here is my guitar too. (plays 5 notes similar to the beginning of X.Y.U.) Yeah. Thank you. I’m not gonna play X.Y.U. Why don’t you play X.Y.U., alright? Why don’t you go on Youtube, why don’t you get naked, lather yourself up and play X.Y.U. and go “Billy, I love you, X.Y.U.” Do it man, c’mon, do it! Do it! Alright, here we go, it’s the end, ready, it’s the end, rrrrr.
Jeff: (over “lather yourself up” above) Heeeeey.
Cherub Rock
> That’s the Way
> Owata
Stand Inside Your Love
> Tarantula
Tonight, Tonight
BC: God bless you everybody, god bless you, thank you so much.
[encore break]
BC: Like to invite everybody up here who participated in this night. Alright, I need lyrics, heh heh. We want everybody to sing along to this one, I know you know this one. Let’s give a round of applause to Joey Shanahan right here. 25 years right here, buddy. Alright, you gonna sing along? (dumb guy voice) “But what if I don’t like this song? What if I don’t like this song, what if it sucks?” (normal) Alright, hit it, Matt.
1979 (with Kill Hannah & Matt Walker)
BC: Not bad. That’s alright. Okay, okay, that’s the end of the show but wait, there’s more. There’s more.
Joe Shanahan: Oh my god, he’s so tall. So, there’s always a surprise with Billy and he decided to not go online with the guitar tonight to auction it off live. The one he’s playing. So we’re bringing Tim O’Neal back out, can you handle it? We might get one more song too but he’s holding the guitar he just played 1979 on. We might want to raise a little bit of money. I see some people in the balcony that I know that, well, “It might be a good way to donate to the Matthew Leone benefit.” So what do you think, a signed guitar by Billy Corgan? Can we - can we just turn it over to a professional ‘cause I’m not. Tim O’Neal!
Tim O’Neal: What a great show, let’s give it up for the Smashing Pumpkins. Alright, who would like the guitar that Billy played tonight? Let’s start the bidding off at one thousand dollars, who brought one thousand, do I have fifteen hundred, fifteen hundred, two thousand, two thousand, twenty-five hundred, twenty-five hundred, do I have three thousand, three thousand, thirty-five hundred, do I have thirty-five hundred?
Joe Shanahan: That’s nothin’ for this guitar.
Tim O’Neal: Thirty-five hundred, where’s four thousand, do I have four thou - four thousand...
Joe Shanahan: Who’s up there, where you at, what’s that?
Tim O’Neal: ...do I have five thousand dollars, five thousand! The guitar right here, 55, do I have 55, do I have 55? You have five, do I have 55?
Joe Shanahan: Per diem.
Tim O’Neal: Fifty-five hundred, this guitar, fifty-five, six thousand, do I have seven thousand dollars? This is a great cause, it’s a write-off, there you go. Seven thousand, do I have seven, do I have...?
Joe Shanahan: This band - this band has not played here in 10 years. He is donating a guitar from the Metro stage. Epic moment. Dig deep, where’s the balcony numbers now, let’s go.
Tim O’Neal: I need eight thousand dollars, I’ve got seven, who’s got eight, we got eight, eight thousand dollars, do I have nine thousand dollars? This is charity, it’s like twenty-two hundred after taxes. Who’s got nine thousand dollars? Do I have nine? It’s eight going once.... Billy’s gonna sign it.
Joe Shanahan: Oh, come on.
Tim O’Neal: He’s gonna take his picture with you...and sign it to whomever you would like.
Joe Shanahan: Personally signed guitar from this gig tonight.
Tim O’Neal: Do I have nine thousand? This is for Matt. Do I have nine?
Joe Shanahan: Nine thousand dollars. Anyone going any higher?
Tim O’Neal: Eight thousand going once, do I hear nine thousand?
Joe Shanahan: That’s my man!!
Tim O’Neal: Ten?
Joe Shanahan: Alright!
Tim O’Neal: Do I hear nine or ten?
Joe Shanahan: From your heart. Thank you, sir.
Tim O’Neal: We got nine, do I hear ten? That might lock it off, ten thousand.
Joe Shanahan: Ten’s an even number and it’s going to Matthew, his medical bills, this benevolent gesture on Billy Corgan’s part, please, dig deep, come on, find it in your heart. Are you there?! Are you ten, ten thousand?
Tim O’Neal: It’s the guitar, it’s a signed poster, we’ll throw a signed poster in! Did I mention the signed poster? I’ll buy you a light beer from Miller. Ten thousand, come on, you went - come on, ten? It’s Billy.
BC: I’ll break it for ten.
Joe Shanahan: In the next song, he’ll break that guitar in for ten grand!
Tim O’Neal: We have ten, ten. Ten thousand.
Joe Shanahan: Are you...? Oh my god!
Tim O’Neal: Ten thousand dollars.
Joe Shanahan: You - this is love, baby. This is love.
Tim O’Neal: That’s for the guitar, the signed poster, now I need eleven, do I have eleven? This is for Matt. Do I have eleven? Eleven thousand? Ten thousand going once. Eleven? Ten thousand going twice, god bless you, god bless you, Billy. Ten thousand sold!
Joe Shanahan: Thank you so much in the balcony! You find Kelly Way, they will, they will, oh....
BC: Now I’m gonna have to pay more to buy it back. That’s so messed up.
Joe Shanahan: (off mic) Let him play one more song!
BC: Want one more song? You’re not afraid of the darkness?
Joe Shanahan: Thank you all. Thank you, Billy.
BC: Alright, god bless you. Got one more song.

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