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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1996-05-06
Venue Bercy
Location Paris, FR
Venue Type Arena
Capacity 17,000
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin, Melvoin
Order of Bands Filter, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format DAT
Equipment Sennheiser Pro Mic > TCD-D8(32k)
Length 134m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation DDC-1 > CDR
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Diginoise in X.Y.U., Bodies, and Silverfuck.
AUD #2
Source AUD
Format DAT
Equipment ECM-717 > TCD-D8
Length 134m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation DDC-? > CDR
AMT #1
Source AUD
Format Hi8
Equipment Unknown
Length 140m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation VHS(X) > MKV
YouTube YouTube
Release 20220106-Release-1996-05-06AMT1
Unsurfaced Recordings
AUD #3
Source AUD
Format DAT
Equipment ECM-909 > TCD-D7
Length 135m
Complete? Unknown
SBD #1
Source SBD
Format ADAT
Equipment Unknown
Length ~135m
Complete? Yes
Notes Vault copy.



  • Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (over PA)
  • Where Boys Fear to Tread
  • Zero
  • Fuck You
  • To Forgive
  • Tonight, Tonight
  • Today
  • Thru the Eyes of Ruby
    • By Starlight
  • Disarm
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  • Cherub Rock
  • Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
    • Rocket (tease)

Encore One:

  • 1979
  • Firestarter [The Prodigy] (tease)
  • X.Y.U.

Encore Two:

  • Mayonaise
  • Muzzle

Encore Three:

  • Bodies
  • Silverfuck [26:39]
    • Space Jam (tease)
    • Dose [Filter] (tease)
  • Farewell and Goodnight


  • Disarm performed acoustic
  • Silverfuck features Richard Patrick on vocals and Matt Walker on drums


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Intro
Where Boys Fear to Tread
> Zero
BC: Yeaah.
Fuck You
BC: Bonsoir.
To Forgive
Classical music tape
> Tonight, Tonight
> Today
BC: Thank you, hi! You can turn on.... (big crowd cheer)
Iha: Hello, hi. Hi hi hi. Yeah, you’re only in the monitors, man.
(Billy scoffs. There’s a sound that sounds like him knocking over his mic, followed by a big crowd cheer.)
Iha: That reminds me of a story.
D’arcy: That was our best trick so I hope you enjoyed that, that will be the high point of the evening.
Iha: C’est magnifique!
D’Arcy: Merci beaucoup.
Iha: You’re now, you’re gonna have to borrow this mic.
BC: Bonjour! BONJOUR!!
Iha: No, bonsoir, bonsoir!
BC: Bonsoir. Bonsoir. (growling noises) We are the Smashing Pumpkins.
Thru the Eyes of Ruby
> By Starlight
Iha: Merci. You are a very nice audience. Magnifique.
Disarm (acoustic)
Circus tape
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
> Cherub Rock
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
> Rocket (tease)
[encore break]
Iha: Merci. Ça va? Ça va bien. Dako (?) magnifique. ... Now, on this next song, I want you to dance. Go crazy. Go crazy! I beg you.
Chicago blues jam
Iha: We are from Chicago so we know the Chicago blues.
Firestarter (tease - James vocals w/Jimmy drums)
BC: Did you say you were the firestarter?
Firestarter (tease - James vocals w/Jimmy drums)
Iha: I’m the firestarter! Stooooop!! Stop playing that fucking beat! You see, I would like to explain to you, I cannot help. I am tortured by the Prodigy. Whenever I hear this beat, I must sing the Firestarter. Even though I know none of the lyrics. I’m the firestarter! I’m the firestarter! Come on, you motherfuckers! Come on!!!! Oh, stop torturing me with the beat. You see, I watch MTV incessantly.
BC: Hey, we have the guy from the Prodigy right over there, come here! [unintelligible as James talks over him]
Iha: I see the Proj - he’s wearing a striped shirt.
BC: The Italian back there.
Firestarter (tease - Jimmy drums)
Iha: You’re ste - come on!
BC: Come here, you Eye-talian. Come on! Come on, you fucker. Come on.
Iha: You see, we have...
BC: Now Geno. Come on, Geno. No, you’re not the firestarter! You’re not the firestarter.
Iha: We have - we have a guest firestarter. His name is Peter.
D’arcy: I think he is. I think he is.
Iha: He comes from America.
Peter: I am the firestarter. Hear me breathe!
Iha: Speaketh ye into microphone.
BC: Wait, here comes the firestarter!
D’arcy: This is another firestarter.
Peter: Ba key! (?)
Firestarter (tease - drums)
Iha: Wait, don’t go.
Peter: I’m the firestarter.
BC: No, he’s the firestarter, you’re not the firestarter.
Peter: I am not the firestarter!
Iha: We apologize, we’re very sorry.
BC: What a surprise, I’m having technical difficulties, James.
Iha: Alright, heh. So...
(Jimmy playing drums again)
D’arcy: No. No! NEVER! (Jimmy stops)
(Billy testing guitar)
BC: Aaah.
D’arcy: What’s wrong, what’s wrong?
BC: Aaahhh. Rita Masuko? (D’arcy laughs) Cheese-a.
D’arcy: Where are they? They could fix it.
Iha: Well, at this time during technical difficulties, I’m reminded... (cut off by D’arcy)
D’arcy: We apologize, it’s the fault of the firestarter.
Iha: This recalls my childhood. As a small child, I dreamed of...what? What are you chanting? You’re chanting like a sorceror - what do you wish?
(BC testing guitar)
BC: Alright, now we’re rockin’.
Iha: Okay. (laughing) Now we will rock.
BC: I’m the fuckin’ fire.
[encore break]
Iha: Thank you. You’re much too kind.
BC: Thank you very much. We appreciate you coming to the concert very much. I know you can’t understand a damn word I’m saying but um...heh heh heh. Just kidding. Uhhhh, comme ci comme ça, um...wah ci, uh. Too toulours. Napoleon. Mayonnaise.
BC: Hey Annie, can you put the lights on? Okay. I’m sick of playing this concert and not being able to see you so I’m just gonna have them leave the lights on this whole song so we can see you. We wanna see you. We don’t get to come to Paris very often and we’d like to see you and to remember you. So I’d like to play a song...this one goes out to my best friend.
[encore break]
Iha: Merci. Are you still with us? You are still with us, good. Are you having a reasonably good time? Okay, great. Well, I mean, I just wanna speak in relative terms, heh. I know it’s hot and sweaty out there...and people kicking you in the back of the head.
BC: You probably don’t know this but uh, crowdsurfing and stagediving in America...extinct, gone.
Iha: Went out. Everybody dances now.
BC: It’s gone. Everyone just dances like this now.
Iha: We’re tryin’ to catch up to Europe.
BC: So, we all know that Europe is the world leader in style and culture. Hahaha. Lights please. Haha.
Iha: But...you are not open on Sunday with a 24-hour grocery store? How ‘bout that?
BC: And how about a shower with the doors that close all the way?
Iha: Yeah, how about that? We are kidding. We are making bad American jokes, but...
BC: Uh, they need a uh, a sept, a sept dees un. 7-11. Sept dees neu?
Iha: Ah yes, yes.
BC: Oh, you - you came here to hear music? Ah. We thought you were like, you know, Jerry Lewis. Comedians.
> Silverfuck (with Richard Patrick)
> Space Jam (tease)
> Farewell and Goodnight
BC: Bonsoir. Bonsoir.
Iha: Bonsoir. Bonne nuit. Goodnight, goodnight.
D’arcy: Bonne nuit. Merci beaucoup. Thank you. Thank you...very much.