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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1993-07-28
Venue Metro
Location Chicago, IL, US
Venue Type Club
Capacity 1100
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format DAT
Equipment ECM-S220 > TCD-D3(48k)
Length 108m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation DAT-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Back of floor, right side. DAT-M > CDR transfer also circulates.
AMT #1a
Source AUD
Format VID
Equipment Unknown
Length 5m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation VHS-3 > DVD
Notes Rocket only, as seen in Fruit Bat Salad Volume 2.
Unsurfaced Recordings
AMT #1
Source AUD
Format VID
Equipment Unknown
Length ~110m
Complete? Yes
Notes Although the existence of this video is not mentioned in the credits, Rocket from Fruit Bat Salad Volume 2 almost certainly comes from this show.



  • Cherub Rock
  • Quiet
  • Today
  • Rocket
  • I Am One
  • Soma
  • Bury Me
  • Disarm (abandoned)
  • Disarm
  • Paranoid [Black Sabbath] (tease)
  • Geek U.S.A.
  • Mayonaise
  • Siva [4:24]
  • Drown [5:57]
  • Spaceboy
  • Starla [7:48]
  • Snail


  • Under The Bridge [Red Hot Chili Peppers] (tease)
  • Hummer
  • Silverfuck [10:35]
    • Over the Rainbow [Harburg/Arlen] (tease)
    • Star Spangled Banner [Key] (tease)


  • Secret show billed as "The Turnips"
  • Tickets were $5 and only available at the door


Iha: Whoever's working the light machine, you can turn it down a little
Corgan: Hi we're the Turnups
Wretzky: I wanna apologise if I'm boring tonight, I can't sing cos I can't talk
Corgan: She's lost her voice, so there'll be none of that nice, sweet singing
So are you ready? Are you ready, ready? Are you supa dupa ready? Alright, but we're gonna kick your ass
Cherub Rock
Corgan: I'm sorry I'm having problems
Anyway, hi, we're a little spaced out. This is called 'Quiet'
Iha: Thank you for all our technical problems. The funny thing about technical problems is that (unintelligible)
Corgan: So we're slightly disorganized. We're not all burnt out but that's the best thing you'll get out of us, we're not all fried and stupid. Yes, long live the Turnups... So we're glad ya'll got in, I hope you consider yourselves the chosen one thousand in a hundred. These are all new songs, off that new album
I Am One
Corgan: So what do you wanna hear?
Oh, that's so nice, look, it's a little D'arcy. Whoever coloured this is a genius. Whoever coloured this, find us after ths show, we'll give you free tickets. Oh wait, coloured by... I won't say your name but you'll have to come up give this number and we'll give you free tickets. See, the Turnups can be bad
Bury Me
Corgan: I'm really disorganised, I'm sorry. I know we're playing the tight precise rock show but what the fuck, it's the Turnups, the Turnups can suck
Disarm (abandoned after a few bars)
Corgan: Don't catch him [a crowd bomber], don't inspire idiotic, break-your-neck behaviour. Last thing I want is for anyone to get hurt, you know this is supposed to be fun, not deadly... Besides the Turnups can't afford to pay for that lawsuit
Corgan: This guitar used to be owned by Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath
Wretzky: This guitar used to be owned by someone a lot stronger than me
Paranoid (tease)
Corgan: See you can hear it, you can hear it, it's the same guitar
Iha: God, did you just play that?
Corgan: The guitar forces you to play it, there's no choice
[plays tease again]
Look there it goes again. Anyway... this is my heavy metal guitar, I got this from one the guys in Slaughter, of course, I had to give him a blowjob for it but it was worth it, it's a great guitar
Iha: Alright, let's rock
Geek U.S.A.
[During the mid song break]
Corgan: Wow, it's a beautiful night, our guitars are out of tune. Goddamn, we can still rock, I think. This is what you call a kill-some-time rant because D'arcy's bass is completely out of tune that we're waiting for her to tune
We're gonna tune here for a second....
Anyone wanna know any stories?.. no it isn't true that I'm a woman... the story about the band? What the fuck? We're here, what story? The rumours of our demise are greatly exaggerated, here we are, see, Smashing Pumpkins, we still live in Chicago, we haven't run away, we're still a bunch of dickheads... it's Chicago! We still got bad rock journalists, like that guy from the Sun-Times, he sucks. We still got bitter bands, but hey, here we are, where we started, Wednesday night at Metro. And we're lucky to have a Joe Shanahan here to make this all possible. Cos he's the only one to do it right in this fucking town
[To Wretzky] Are you in tune yet? Alright, see we're gonna pretend we just started the song
[resumes Geek U.S.A.]
Corgan: So, that was called 'Mayonaise'
So we hope we're not too late, hope you don't mind, it's kind of an intimate gathering, well intimate for a thousand. Anyone have any constructive criticism? Only regards to how the band plays, I can't provide you with water
Corgan: Alright, somebody go and get some pails of water. We'll treat you like pigs, you want water, we'll toss some water
Corgan: What? Iha: My socks? My friend, these are gift socks I couldn't possibly give them to you. Alright, we will get to more ? in a second
Corgan: We would do 'Under the Bridge' [Red Hot Chili Peppers] but James' voice is a little under the weather
[Iha begins to sing it]
Corgan (interrupting): Someone said thank God, thank God your voice is under the weather
Iha: That's where I drew some blood
Corgan: Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner
Iha: Under the bridge that's where I drew some blood
Corgan: Well, just one second please.. just wait one second, just five seconds, let me say one thing. I just wanting to thank you for coming, that's all.
We're happy to finally have a new record out after two long years. Two, long, fucking years. And here's a song we've been playing for a year and a half but it's a new song actually
Iha: Now we must rock you
Corgan: Do you want to be rocked?
Iha (to Corgan): Show us your Freddie Mercury move
Corgan: Don't boo Freddie Mercury, he's dead!
Iha: I'm not dissing him...
Corgan (interrupting): No, no, them [the crowd], they're booing him!
Iha: Oh, them
Corgan: How can you boo him?! Tell me it's not Jesus and Fred right in the right hand, Mary over here, Freddie over here
Star Spangled Banner (tease)

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