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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1993-07-26
Venue Tower Records
Location Chicago, IL, US
Venue Type Record Store
Capacity Unknown
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
SBD #1a
Source SBD
Format CD
Equipment Unknown
Length 5m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation "OnXRT: Live From The Archives Vol 3" official release
Notes Rocket only; bizarrely the sleeve offers "recorded by an ardent Pumpkins fan", so this may actually be sourced from an FM broadcast, rather than the XRT archives.
FM #1
Source FM
Format ANA
Equipment Unknown
Length 41m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation ANA-1 > CDR
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Radio station loses signal in Disarm and gets it back in Siva (common to all FM broadcasts). Less complete boot releases also circulate, unsure if they are from this or FM #2 (all are missing Disarm/Siva).
AMT #1a
Source VID
Format Unknown
Equipment Unknown
Length ~1m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation VHS-1 > DVD
Notes Clips of the crowd outside, DJ introduction, banter before Hummer, band signing session, and band performing can be seen in Graceful Swans Of Never Documentary
Unsurfaced Recordings
FM #2
Source FM
Format DAT
Length 40m
Equipment Unknown
Complete? No
Notes Radio station loses signal in Disarm and gets it back in Siva (common to all FM broadcasts). Less complete boot releases also circulate, unsure if they are from this or FM #1 (all are missing Disarm/Siva).
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format ANA
Length 40m
Equipment ECM-909A > WM-D6
Complete? Unknown
AMT #1
Source VID
Format Unknown
Equipment Unknown
Length Unknown
Complete? Unknown


Set One:

  • Rocket
  • Cherub Rock
  • Today
  • Disarm
  • Siva [#1:17]
  • Mayonaise
  • Hummer
  • I Am One (abandoned)

Set Two:

  • (signing merch)


  • Acoustic
  • Midnight record release show for Siamese Dream


Corgan: Whoooo!
Iha: Check, check
Corgan: Are you ready to rock?
Corgan: Well you're in the wrong place
Corgan: Hi, hi, hi. Well you're all in such a rockin' mood, it's like 'I wish I had my distortion pedal'...but we don't, so
Iha: We are simply men with acoustic guitars
Corgan: We are here to open ourselves bare for you all to see. And hey, by the way, as long as I'm thinking about it, I hope no one reads the Sun Times because whoever wrote that Sun Times article is an idiot and I, I... that's exactly the reason, that's exactly the reason why we've had so many problems with Chicago, is cos of shoddy journalism like that. So keep your eyes and ears open and look beyond what you read cos not everything anyone writes is true. So screw the Sun Times!
Cherub Rock
Iha: Thank you very much
Corgan: So... that was 'Cherub Rock'. These are all new songs. So what do you wanna say to the rest of Chicago land?
[audience cries]
Iha: OK let's play a song
Corgan: I think they hear you, I think they hear you, they're listening and they're getting the message
Corgan: So there's been all these rumours... no, not those kind of rumours... One, we are not the next Nirvana, we are the next Smashing Pumpkins. Number two, Chicago is not the next Seattle, Chicago is what it always has been, Chicago. And there's some rumour about us playing some show on Wednesday night at some club, so you figure it out, but... alright, I'll just tell you, I won't tell the radio public [muffles the mic] it's at the Metro on Wednesday... and we're playing as the Turnups. There goes the surprise show but anyway, well the other show's sold out, y'know whatever but...
No, no, it's not, it's all ages, don't worry about it, no more, no more prohibited shows, if you're twelve you can come, I don't care, y'know come, have fun, live, vive la Chicago!... Alright you gotta be quiet for this song

Iha: Thank you very much. It's really hot and gross, I wish I was walking my dog but I'm really sweaty and...
Corgan: Hey are you getting my gi-tarre out there, Ian? My guitar is screwed up. What's new? I know
Iha: Check, check, check... Funny thing about technical problems is they can strike at the weirdest moments, sometimes on live radio braodcasts and that brings me back to a story, I remember when I was a child, I was 3 years old, and I was listening to WXRT and funny thung about it is it's a radio station...
Wretzky: What are you talking about?
Iha: I'm simply filling the space as a technical difficulty has arisen
Corgan: Alright as long as we're here, James is looking for a new boyfriend, whoops, I mean girlfriend...
[Iha mock laughs]
Corgan: See, I'm married now, I can joke about this
Iha: This next song is written about this very subject, it's a sad one and it's called 'Mayonaise'
Corgan: So this is 'Mayonaise' and it's off our new record recording... Hey you guys are rowdy as all heck y'know... see, see, originally we wanted to play loud and soft but there would be police problems so we wouldn't be able to do this at all so.. But there's gonna be a party over at James' house right after the show
Iha: Yeah
Corgan: And we'll be playing electric there
Corgan: We wanna do one more song, OK...
Audience member: Freebird!
Corgan: Now who's yelling 'Freebird', raise your hand... I want you to come on stage, come on, no, come up on stage... alright now, here wait...
This is a fine, this a fine upstanding young man, here wait, hold on
Iha: State your name, your age and your residence
Corgan: What's your name?
Audience member: Ivan
Corgan: Ok Ivan, now why have you been yelling 'Freebird' for the past hour, tell me why?
Ivan (shouts): Cos I'm a Cub Head!
Iha: Obviously you're disturbed
Corgan: Wait, now wait, wait..
Iha: Is there trouble at home? Have your grades been bad lately?
Corgan: Now if listening to a guy on a radio promotes you to scream the same word over and over again, you have a problem, you have a serious problem. OK I just wanted to help you, thank you, bye Ivan, good luck
Iha: Read some Beowulf or something
Corgan: Yeah I know we're disorganised but it's nothing new
Audience member: Window Paine!
Corgan: Why do you want to hear old songs? Can't we play new songs? Thank you. You've had, you've had, wait, 2 years to listen to the old songs, ok, 2 years, alright. I played my Window Paine a thousand times, y'know, OK, just let me play my new songs
Iha: Freebird, Freebird!
Corgan: Alright, this is 'Hummer'
I Am One (abandoned)

Corgan: Oh no, stop, stop... no, we don't want anyone to get hurt
Wretzky: Can't have that
Corgan: You're having too much fun. Thanks, bye, see ya, take care