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Hello sir... Stumbled across your YouTube page - thanks for posting all of the videos you have so far, they've filled in some fun gaps for what I mainly focus on here: transcribing show banter.

I have a question for you re 2007-08-01... Clear that what you uploaded at YouTube is is the AMT #1 source listed here, based on the missing songs. SPLRA has the show listed as approx. 170 min, where your upload obviously runs approx. 153. I'm assuming that the video is posted as you received it - maybe the show itself ran closer to 170 with the 2 missing songs, encore break and small cuts between some songs? It's clear that no music is missing from the video (other than the 2 missing songs) - just wondering if you happen to know if any banter between songs is missing so that I can note it appropriately. Thanks!

>> Spaldz response (2021/03/01):

I'm not sure if i reply via this method of editing although i'm not sure how else so here goes until you can advise me differently :0)

The version i have was as per the taper released it as 26 seperate files with the following readme alongside:

"2007-08-01 Fillmore, San Francisco, CA Recorded from the balcony using a Sanyo Xacti HD2 and Sony MiniDV cam

Those videos are 640x480 encoded using Xvid and 192kbps MP3. The whole show is here minus 1979 and Tarantula (I was switching tapes during those songs).


Watching the footage there are 100% some cuts from the full length of the show and what the original taper may've recorded (i.e. when the band go off stage after Heavy Metal Machine the next footage is at the start of Zeitgeist rather than showing the pre-encore crowd chanting. Sadly it doesn't look like there are any other surfaced sources to compare it to, in order to see whether there was any banter between the songs. I certainly haven't edited any out though

>> Dave response (2021/03/09):

Hey dude - I saw your reply, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I can't remember if I'm supposed to edit the original topic or add a new one so I'm just adding a new one.

Thanks for your info. That is definitely helpful to know, sounds like the length listed on the show page is incorrect. This is indeed the only recording I'm aware of (excepting whichever songs are on If All Goes Wrong - I know Zeitgeist is one). I'll be posting the show banter sooner or later - it's already transcribed, just have to find the time to post.  :)

2007 Philly shows

Hey man - been enjoying your multi-cam edits over the last few months. It just occurred to me: if I can convince my grumpy friend to send you the footage, would you be interested in stitching together 2.5 of the 2007 Philly shows? We taped shows 2, 3 and 4. He was going to do it years ago but just didn't have the time (or interest perhaps) to do more than the acoustic set from night 4. Have not discussed with him at all, so no clue how he would feel about giving up the film, but your work does speak for itself.

On the 21st, I believe we are unsurfaced AMT 1 and 2. (Possibly should be Canon HV instead of HG?) To gauge our position, you can pretty clearly see us holding the cameras in the front row on the PRO recording. IIRC, we were directly in front of Jeff.

On the 22nd, our recordings are unlisted but we used the same equipment and were in the front row again, between Billy and Jeff.

On the 23rd, we are listed as AMT 1a and 2a - as I mentioned, the acoustic set was cut and released, but we did tape set 2 as well. I was farther back this night and had to argue with security re open taping at some point (during United States maybe?) and my arm was dead, so the footage from my camera may not be great. Not that there was anything that unique in set 2 that night, other than maybe Lou.

Let me know if you might have some interest and I'll feel out my friend to see what he thinks.

Thanks - Dave

Spaldz Edit

Hi Dave - Great hearing from you. Funnily enough i was just sitting here editing a 2019 Billy Corgan solo concert and came on to SPLRA and saw your message. Great minds hey!

Yes i'd certainly be interested in obtaining and editing the footage you mention. If you want to upload it somewhere (i.e. or google drives) then i'd be happy to edit and compose an actual release of the material. I can also sync with any audience audio footage available if in better quality as well

My email is if easier to contact me there rather than editing these messages :)

All the best and look forward to hearing from you

Kyran (Spaldz)

Invitation to contribute to SPCodex

Hello there! I see you've been editing here for quite some time. You may or may not be aware of SPCodex, another wiki devoted to SP and related acts. If your interest extends beyond just documenting live shows, we'd love to have you as an editor! We could use more contributors with MediaWiki editing skills. In fact, all of your edits from 2008 were imported to SPCodex when we copied over all the live shows, so you already have an account. I merely need to email you the password (which you can then change).

Regarding your above comment about communication on the wiki: on wikitext-based discussion pages like this, you usually indent your replies with a colon (:) for threaded discussion. You also should end your comments by typing four tildes as with ~~~~ which will generate an automatic signature and timestamp once you hit Save. Of course none of this is important, I just thought I'd clue you in on how it's usually done in MediaWiki :)

Anyways, whether you contribute to SPCodex or not, I like Dave am greatly appreciative of all the videos you've uploaded. Many are embedded on SPCodex. Cheers and hope to see you on SPCodex! MusikAnimal (talk) 17:08, 11 July 2021 (PDT)

Here's an example reply, for the record. To make another nested comment, you'd use two colons, and so on. Best, MusikAnimal (talk) 17:13, 11 July 2021 (PDT)
Thanks for the tips! Let's see if this works - And sure re SPCodex - my email is Always happy to help where i can!