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Hello sir... Stumbled across your YouTube page - thanks for posting all of the videos you have so far, they've filled in some fun gaps for what I mainly focus on here: transcribing show banter.

I have a question for you re 2007-08-01... Clear that what you uploaded at YouTube is is the AMT #1 source listed here, based on the missing songs. SPLRA has the show listed as approx. 170 min, where your upload obviously runs approx. 153. I'm assuming that the video is posted as you received it - maybe the show itself ran closer to 170 with the 2 missing songs, encore break and small cuts between some songs? It's clear that no music is missing from the video (other than the 2 missing songs) - just wondering if you happen to know if any banter between songs is missing so that I can note it appropriately. Thanks!

>> Spaldz response (2021/03/01):

I'm not sure if i reply via this method of editing although i'm not sure how else so here goes until you can advise me differently :0)

The version i have was as per the taper released it as 26 seperate files with the following readme alongside:

"2007-08-01 Fillmore, San Francisco, CA Recorded from the balcony using a Sanyo Xacti HD2 and Sony MiniDV cam

Those videos are 640x480 encoded using Xvid and 192kbps MP3. The whole show is here minus 1979 and Tarantula (I was switching tapes during those songs).


Watching the footage there are 100% some cuts from the full length of the show and what the original taper may've recorded (i.e. when the band go off stage after Heavy Metal Machine the next footage is at the start of Zeitgeist rather than showing the pre-encore crowd chanting. Sadly it doesn't look like there are any other surfaced sources to compare it to, in order to see whether there was any banter between the songs. I certainly haven't edited any out though

>> Dave response (2021/03/09):

Hey dude - I saw your reply, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. I can't remember if I'm supposed to edit the original topic or add a new one so I'm just adding a new one.

Thanks for your info. That is definitely helpful to know, sounds like the length listed on the show page is incorrect. This is indeed the only recording I'm aware of (excepting whichever songs are on If All Goes Wrong - I know Zeitgeist is one). I'll be posting the show banter sooner or later - it's already transcribed, just have to find the time to post.  :)