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Hope I'm doing this right...

I actually am not the Dave registered over on the other platform. No need for you to go to any effort to get the username for me, it's not important. I'll probably make myself DaveB or something like that.

Cool site though. Happy to contribute. That actually solves an issue I was running into: no desire to enter all of the info (i.e. setlists, club info, etc.) for Billy's solo dates over the last few years, let alone create the entire page for 2019. LOL. Was planning to do the banter for what's been released from those shows but I can just as easily directly upload at CodeX when they're done.

Not sure if stuff will automatically port over to the new site for now, but a few days ago I posted updated versions of banter for all 1999 shows. I've also added a few August 2007 shows over the last few weeks. I did almost all 2000 shows for which recordings exist but I think that was done before October 1st. I also have a bunch of 2010-2014 shows ready to go whenever I feel like posting them - some of those shows have seen edits in setlists as teases are identified but I can always check against SPCodeX and enter that info manually when uploading the banter to SPLRA.

Thanks for the heads up! DB