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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 2012-12-09
Venue Patriot Center
Location Fairfax, VA, US
Venue Type Arena
Capacity 10.000
Lineup Corgan, Schroeder, Byrne, Fiorentino
Order of Bands Morning Parade, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format WAV
Equipment CA-14 Cards > CA-9200/ PPA-6LC3B > PCM-M10
Length 139m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation WAV-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Approx. 50' from stage, DFC, leaning on VIP cage in front of board.
AUD #2
Source AUD
Format WAV
Equipment CA-14 Cards > PA-6LC3B > PCM-M10 (24/96)
Length 29m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation WAV-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 24-bit download
Notes Pre-set only. Fourth row, left stack.
AMT #1
Source VID
Format MP4
Equipment Unknown
Length 140m
Complete? Yes
Notes Standing, center.
AMT #2
Source VID
Format MP4
Equipment Unknown
Length 11m
Complete? No
Notes Pre-set: There It Goes, Plume, Today
Unsurfaced Recordings



  • There It Goes
  • Plume
  • Gossamer (tease)
  • Today


  • Quasar
  • Panopticon
  • The Celestials
  • Violet Rays
  • My Love is Winter
  • One Diamond, One Heart
  • Pinwheels
  • Oceania
  • Pale Horse
  • The Chimera
  • Glissandra
  • Inkless
  • Wildflower
  • Space Oddity [Bowie]
  • X.Y.U.
  • Disarm
  • Tonite Reprise
    • Tonight, Tonight
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  • I Am One (tease)
  • The Dream Machine
  • Hummer


  • Ava Adore
  • Cherub Rock
  • Zero


  • Rescheduled date due to Hurricane Sandy (orig. date 2012-11-03)
  • Pre-Set: limited admission pre-show, the so-called VIP performance, 3 songs + Q&A
  • The Dream Machine: also known as Black Sunshine
  • Same setlist as 2012-12-08


2012 Intro
> Quasar
> Panopticon
The Celestials
Violet Rays
BC: Thank you, thank you so much.
My Love Is Winter
One Diamond, One Heart
BC: Thank you very much. Thanks so much from us for coming to the show tonight. We begin this evening, we begin this evening with our new album, Oceania. Although these days, anything that’s over three months is not new anymore, it’s old ac - so it’s our old album. ‘Cause it’s been out for what, six months? So it’s old. Heh heh, thank you. And uh, and then we uh, we ramble through the darkness of Oceania and then we come out and we play the beautiful brightness of some classics. Back when I was a happy lad, full of vim and vigor and optimism.
Jeff: Smiling all the time.
BC: That’s right, heh heh heh. So we hope you have a great time tonight. Really, honestly, hope you have a great, great time. And uh...we just, we dive right back in right here, so this is Oceania.
Pale Horse
> The Chimera
> Inkless
Space Oddity
> X.Y.U.
Tonite Reprise
> Tonight, Tonight
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
BC: Thank you very much, thank you. Like to introduce the band to you. On the guitar, Mr. Jeff “The Shredder” Schroeder. (Jeff solos) Sweet tones, bro, sweet tones. On the drums, from Portland-ish area...Beaverton? Beaverton! Heh heh, Mr. Michael Byrne. (Mike solos) Most people don’t know Mike’s story but um, he worked in slave labor at the um, what’s the factory up in Beaverton? Making sneakers, right, you were doing - that’s how you paid for your drum lessons. Ha. On the bass guitar, Ms. Nicole Fiorentino.
I Am One (tease - 5 seconds of bass line)
BC: That was better, heh heh heh. Hahaha. My name is William. We thank you so much for being here with us tonight, thank you, we really appreciate you being here. It’s a tough world out there, everybody’s got their troubles. Mine are well documented. And profitable. Hahaha. You havin’ a good time out there? I hope so, I hope so. How ‘bout over here, you okay? Down here, you’re just.... This is usually where I say something clever.
Nicole: Go, do it.
BC: Um, out clever.
Nicole: Was it because we’re at the end of the tour?
BC: You wanna talk RGIII, what do you wanna talk about?
Nicole: I don’t know.
Jeff: What?
BC: Wanna talk Ray Lewis?
Nicole: You always talk about sports.
BC: You wanna talk Carolina Panthers, I - where are we? Alright, who’s a Redskins fan? Alright, who’s a Ravens fan? Alright, all of you other people, who are you a fan of? Chicago? The Bears? Who knew? Oh, you’re a Smash - but we don’t have a professional football team, honey, get back down.
Nicole: We should though.
BC: Heh heh. Alright. In the old days - you weren’t around for the old days, you missed the old days.
Nicole: No, I was in high school.
BC: (cracking up)
Nicole: Last time I was into the Pumpkins.
BC: Hey, he wasn’t even born yet, okay? You know, in the old days...
Jeff: In the old days...
BC: Mork and Mindy time, you know?
Jeff: Nanu nanu. Come on.
BC: When I’d be in a weird mood like I’m in a weird mood right now, I would do something destructive. I would smash my guitar. I would throw microphone stands. You were there. I would attack the audience unfairly. But those were the old days.
Jeff: We’re gonna meditate, let’s - let’s meditate for like 90 seconds.
BC: Meditate?
Nicole: Do some yoga.
BC: Heh, we should - this could be our on yoga segment.
Nicole: Ooh, I like it.
BC: You’re into that Bikram stuff, right?
Nicole: I am and it’s nice and hot in there too.
Jeff: In the heat.
BC: Do you make love Bikram style too?
Nicole: Let’s not talk about that.
(Billy and Nicole laugh)
Nicole: Heh, I don’t know what that means.
(Billy and Nicole laugh again)
Jeff: You’re all red, Nicole, jeez.
Nicole: It’s the rouge.
Jeff: The rouge.
BC: I would normally uh, I might ask the audience what they wanna hear and of course I would ignore them. ‘Cause that’s what I do, that’s how I roll. You saw the band back in the day, you saw how it was.
Jeff: Angry, angry.
BC: Angry, I was angry.
Jeff: Angry.
BC: Now I’m in love. I’m in love with the audience. I just can’t get enough. They have to drag me off the stage ‘cause I’m just so into it. But seriously...
Jeff: No, that’s actually true, that’s true.
BC: We’d like to now play you a new song that we’ve been working on. Other cities, not as sophisticated as you, don’t always understand the new material. Thank you. This young man has heard, he says it’s awesome. So I dedicate this to you, young man, this is called The Dream Machine.
The Dream Machine
> Hummer
[encore break]
Ava Adore
> Cherub Rock
> Zero

Photos & Memorabilia

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