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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 2010-09-24
Venue Cain's Ballroom
Location Tulsa, OK, US
Venue Type Ballroom
Capacity 1250
Lineup Corgan, Schroeder, Byrne, Fiorentino
Order of Bands Cherri Bomb, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format MD
Equipment Sennheiser E835>MZ-N707
Length 135m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation MD-M>FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Front row, stage right. Minor dropouts throughout show.
AUD #2
Source AUD
Format WAV
Equipment ECM-DS30P>Zoom H1(24/48)
Length 135m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation WAV-M>dEdit>FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Center of crowd. Circulates matrixed with AUD #1.
Unsurfaced Recordings



  • A Song for a Son
  • Astral Planes
  • Today
  • Ava Adore
  • Drown
  • As Rome Burns
  • Freak
  • Eye
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  • United States
    • Star Spangled Banner [Key] (tease)
    • Moby Dick [Led Zeppelin] (tease)
  • Spangled
  • Tom Tom
  • Rhinoceros (tease)
  • Cherub Rock
  • That's the Way (My Love Is)
  • Tonight, Tonight
  • Stand Inside Your Love
  • Tarantula


  • Landslide [Nicks]
  • Gossamer (24:12)


  • Final performance of That's the Way (My Love Is)
  • Landslide performed acoustic with Julia Pierce on vocals


A Stitch in Time Synth Intro
A Song for a Son
Astral Planes
> Today
> Ava Adore
BC: Woo! Tulsa! Thank you so much.
> As Rome Burns
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
United States / Star Spangled Banner / Moby Dick
BC: Crowd surfing, it’s such a new idea.
Jeff: Go fucking crazy.
BC: You know what I think of when I think of when I see people crowd surfing? I think “Fuck the ‘90s. What a lame fucking thing that is.” Whose fuckin’ idea was that anyway? It wasn’t mine. My god. Like to introduce the band to you at this moment. On the bass, Nicole Fiorentino. On the drums, Mike Byrne. On the guitar, Jeff Schroeder. And my name’s Tommy Duncan.
Jeff: Yeah!
BC: That’s right. You know who Tommy Duncan was?
Jeff: No idea, no idea.
BC: He was the singer in the Bob Wills Band and the Texas Playboys.
Jeff: Oh okay, cool. Cool.
BC: Hey listen, it’s a big honor for me to be here, thank you so much, thank you. Let’s give a shoutout to Bob Wills. Bob! Absolutely. You know, as I’m playing up here, I’m thinking Bob probably wouldn’t like a lot of these songs, heh heh. He probably wouldn’t approve but that’s okay ‘cause Bob’s, he knows what he’s doing. I could only hope that one day you’ll respect me as much as I respect Bob Wills. Bob Wills, a musical pioneer. Yeah. I’m proud to be here, thank you so much. You know, I talked to the gentleman who fixed this place up eight years ago. Made it a great venue to see music in, obviously there’s a lot of great bands coming through here, artists. Like to thank him for his dedication. We need places like this to play, you know what I mean? And I’m gonna say it right here, right now: if we ever do another residency, we have to come do it here. I can’t think of anywhere else in the world right now I’d want to do it than right here. Absolutely. Now! Let’s get to some really important business, this guy’s been holding up this sign for about a hour because it’s so important that he knows the answer to his question, which is “What is Mayonaise about?” Well, I went to high school with this guy, okay? This is a little embarrassing but Mayonaise is about when he used to jack off in his mouth. That’s what the kids called it back then. Does that answer your fuckin’ question, Rudy? I know Bob Wills would not have approved of that joke and I’m very sorry. But I gotta be me! Last I checked, me was doing pretty good. I feel great, I love this band. Thank you, Jeff. Thank you, Mike, when you don’t fuck up my song.
Jeff: Oh ho ho, woo, woo, woo.
BC: Thank you, Nicole, thank you. I’m so proud to be in this band right now, this is a great band I’m in right here. You haven’t heard me talk like that for a long time. It’s the real deal right here so we hope we come back and play again here. And maybe you’ll support us just a little bit better than those people in San Francisco did. I mean, just a little bit better. They got a lot of weird stuff going on there, maybe they were just distracted. Anyway, you guys doin’ alright? Oh my god.
Jeff: Yeah.
BC: (singing) Some bonnet soon.
Jeff: Hey, did you see the picture of Van Halen back there?
BC: Who?
Jeff: Van Halen.
BC: There’s a picture of Van Halen?
Jeff: In that back room, you should go check it out right now.
BC: Van Halen played here?!
Jeff: Yeah, they did, they did.
BC: You wanna give us a little Van Halen? He doesn’t know Van Halen. Heh heh. Alright, let’s bring it down a second...’cause we’re having too much fun and you don’t want to spoil our image here. Ah, I’d like to - (coughs) - I’m sorry, I’m dying up here. (coughs) We’d like to play a song that just came out called Spangled. I’m sure most of you don’t own computers but if you do, you can go to smashing pumpkins dot com, that’s the website of the band, smashing pumpkins dot com. It’s - it’s a terrible website. It’s terrible, it’s only one page. But it’s very effective, if you go there, you can download our new songs for free, all the new Pumpkins songs are free, just take ‘em. Give ‘em to your friends. I don’t even want your creepy e-mail, big boy 847 at Hotmail, I don’t want that, just take my songs, okay? You know, big John 423 at AOL, you know, I don’t want it. Okay, so this is a song called Spangled, I hope you like it. Bob Wills would approve of this song.
Tom Tom
Rhinoceros (tease)
> Cherub Rock
> That’s the Way
> Tonight, Tonight
Stand Inside Your Love
> Tarantula
(BC over big rock ending: Thank you very much everybody, thank you so much.)
BC: Thanks, everybody!
[encore break]
BC: Thank you so much. Like to bring up now, from the Cherri Bomb band, Julia. Come on up, Julia. Give a nice round of applause for this talented young lady right here. Like to do a song for you I haven’t done for a few years. It’s not really part of our tour but it felt right to do it tonight so this is for you, thank you so much.
Landslide (Billy/Jeff acoustic with Julia Pierce)
BC: Thank you, Julia, thank you so much.

Photos & Memorabilia

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