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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1998-05-20
Venue RTVE Studios
Location Madrid, ES
Venue Type TV Studio
Capacity 50
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Aronoff, Garson, Morris, Hodges
Order of Bands The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
FM #1
Source FM
Format DAT
Equipment TCD-D8
Length 38m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation DDC-? > CDR
Notes Does not include interview.
PRO #1
Source TV
Format VHS
Equipment Unknown
Length 48m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation VHS-1 > DVD
Notes Includes a short interview with the band. VHS-M > CDR audio transfer also circulates.
PRO #1a
Source dTV
Format DVB
Equipment Pro-Cams
Length ~10m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation DVB-M > DVD
Notes To Sheila and Once Upon a Time. From a 2008 digital television broadcast.
Unsurfaced Recordings
FM #2
Source FM
Format ANA
Equipment Unknown
Length 45m
Complete? Yes
Notes Includes interview.



  • (interview)


  • To Sheila
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Ava Adore
  • Daphne Descends
  • Daphne Descends (abandoned)
  • My Way [Sinatra] (tease)
  • Daphne Descends
  • Perfect
  • Tear


BC: Hi.
Host: Hola. (host continues translating everything band says as they proceed)
BC: So...how’s everybody? You’re fine? Heh heh heh. You wanna pick, I don’t know? (extended laughing) Is it me or does it seem really awkward?
Iha: [unintelligible as host translates Billy]
BC: Rather sit or...stand or come closer or...you can’t come closer?
Iha: [unintelligible as host translates Billy]
BC: Ah, there you go. Just leave a little room, leave a little room. [unintelligible], just a little bit, please? Uh, un poquito, uh..? Cool. Okay, that’s better, I like that better. Now would anyone like to play the guitar? Okay, so we’re gonna play some songs off our new album.
To Sheila (abandoned after 4 seconds)
To Sheila
Once Upon a Time
Ava Adore
D’arcy: Thank you, [unintelligible as host translates over her]. Thank you, thank you.
Daphne Descends
BC: We’re going to play that song again, we messed it up. So you have to pretend this is the first take.
Daphne Descends (abandoned after about 45 seconds)
My Way (tease - a few lines)
BC: It’s because we’re gettin’ old.
Daphne Descends
BC: (raspy voice) Gracias.
Iha: His name is the captain. Mike is the captain.
BC: You remember him from Captain and Tennille.
D’arcy: Gracias, thank you.