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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1996-07-02
Venue Memorial Auditorium
Location Buffalo, NY, US
Venue Type Arena
Capacity 16,284
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin, Melvoin
Order of Bands Garbage, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
SBD #1a
Source SBD
Format ADAT
Equipment unknown
Length 5m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation "The Aeroplane Flies High" official release (reissue only)
Notes By Starlight only.
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format ANA
Equipment ECM-727P > WM-D6C
Length 133m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation ANA-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit recording
Notes ANA-M > DDC-1(48k) > CDR transfer also exists.
AUD #2
Source AUD
Format ANA
Equipment WM-D3
Length 130m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation ANA-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit recording
Notes Last note of 1979 is clipped. Superior to AUD #1.
Unsurfaced Recordings
SBD #1
Source SBD
Format ADAT
Equipment Unknown
Length ~130m
Complete? Yes
Notes Vault copy.



  • Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (over PA)
  • Where Boys Fear to Tread
  • Zero
  • Fuck You
  • To Forgive
  • Tonight, Tonight
  • Today
  • Thru the Eyes of Ruby
    • By Starlight
  • Disarm
  • Bullet with Butterfly Wings
  • Cherub Rock
  • Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
    • Beautiful (unfinished)
    • Rocket (tease)
  • Muzzle

Encore One:

  • Drown (tease)
  • 1979
  • In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida [Iron Butterfly] (tease)
  • X.Y.U.
    • Gloria [Them] (tease)

Encore Two:

  • Mayonaise

Encore Three:

  • Bodies
  • Silverfuck [26:40]
    • Space Jam (tease)
    • Eye (tease)
    • Dose [Filter] (tease)
  • Farewell and Goodnight


  • Disarm performed acoustic
  • X.Y.U. stopped due to the crowd throwing chairs


Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness Intro
> Where Boys Fear to Tread
> Zero
BC: Hi!
D’arcy: Thank you.
BC: Nice to be back in Buffalo again, thank you so much for coming. You are our favorite kind of people, people who actually like us, we like you too.
Fuck You
BC: Thanks.
To Forgive
Tonight, Tonight
> Today
> Planet of the Apes clip
> Thru the Eyes of Ruby
> By Starlight
BC: Thanks a lot. Was anybody here in our last show in Buffalo? You were at our last show in Buffalo, right?
Iha: They were not.
BC: We remember that show, it was a very good show.
Iha: One happy night, that show, what really happened?
BC: A heh heh, I'm not really sure but it was a good show.
Iha: What is a good show?
BC: Oh, I remember that, that was where that - that was where some of the students didn't want us to play, remember that?
Iha: Oh yeah. At that point in our careers we were Marxist and there was a strong Democratic party thing going on, I don't know. We were Marxist at the time, we couldn't conciliate the two factions.
D’arcy: Actually, James, James, it was your fault. You're - you’re not ethnic enough.
Iha: What do you mean?
D’arcy: You're not Japanese enough.
Iha: In what way am I [unintelligible word or two]?
D’arcy: They didn't want us to play because we didn't have enough ethnic whatever with us and you're not Japanese enough so....
BC: Yeah, we found it kinda ironic that part of the ethnic student body didn't want us to play...but yet we're ethnic so we found it just kinda funny.
Iha: Oh, that was so lazy.
BC: It's alright, we played anyway, we had a good time.
Iha: We just played - we played some Grateful Dead tunes.
BC: It's okay. We still played, still rocked the house, you know. So we'd like to dedicate this song to the people who didn't want us to play. ‘Cause in our minds we use you just as much as those who do so thank you.
Disarm (acoustic)
Circus tape
> Bullet with Butterfly Wings
> Cherub Rock
Porcelina of the Vast Oceans / Beautiful / Rocket
BC: Thank you so much. We'd like to play you one of our favorite songs, we hope you like it.
Iha: It's called Bleeding Finger.
BC: What's it called?
Iha: Bleeding Finger. Heh heh.
BC: He doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.
Iha: I'm telling you, man, that's what that shit's about.
[encore break]
Iha: How are ya?! Thank you, thank you, you’re rockin’. We're so very glad to be here.
BC: This guy over here has got a soun - sign that says Drown, play Drown, you know.
Iha: I remember that song, we played it 30 years ago. We don't remember it.
Drown (tease - Billy doodles with the intro)
Iha: Wait a minute, I hear the strains of the Singles soundtrack! Let's go back a few years. Grunge! You remember grunge!
BC: (sort of sing/speaking) No matter where you are, I can still hear you when you drown. You traveled very far, just to see if I’ll come around. But I'm a rocket man, ooh, it's cold as hell on Mars. (speaking) Thank you so much, you guys are the best, thank you.
Iha: Now let's have fun! Let's...dance! Dance!
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (tease)
(Iha: Alright. Let’s - let’s get it on. Come on, no. Buffalo, let’s get it on! Come on! Come on, you motherfuckers! Let’s get it on! Come on!! Don’t just...let’s see some excitement. Well, alright. Let’s not get crazy, fellows.)
X.Y.U. / Gloria
(BC during pause before “in the eyes of the jackal”: Hey! All you people on the floor, take it easy with the chairs.
Iha: Don't kill anyone.
BC: Be careful, don't hurt anyone with those chairs, please, please. Safety first! That's our new motto. ... Hey all you people on the floor, promise that you'll be safe and we'll keep playing, alright? You promise? You better or I'm gonna tell your mom. (short doodle of Gloria) And in the eyes of the jackal...)
[encore break]
BC: Thank you, we can’t thank you enough. We'd like to play an oldie but a goodie.
Iha: We'd like to dedicate this to a man who spent a lot of time on it, Mr. Butch Vig.
BC: This is from our first album, Sonic Endorsement.
BC: God bless you, thank you, goodnight.
[encore break]
Iha: Hey, thanks. You rock.
BC: Hey Ethan, can you put the lights up a second?
Iha: Hi, hi, hi, hi.
BC: Just wanted to say hello, hello, hello, hello...hello, hello. Okay, hey you crazy fuckers back there, okay, yeah you.
Iha: You know you’re [unintelligible word].
BC: We're hearing bad things about you in the back, okay, you gotta chill out. You gotta chill out, I don't want anybody to get hurt. Okay, take it easy with the fuckin’ chairs, please. Okay, I know you can hear me. See those security people down there? They're nice people, they're not there to hurt you, they’re there hur - help you. So please, don't fight with them, don't start fights with each other. This is a - enjoy the rest of the concert, nice and mellow, right, yeah? Okay!
Iha: But inside, inside your mind, I want you to go crazy! Just inside your mind, don't hurt anyone.
BC: Just inside your mind, right?
Iha: Just...don't even move. Just...think you're rocking. Yes. I’ve been on tour too long.
BC: And hey...I know, I know this is gonna sound funny but you know, it is 1996, the crowd surfing thing is over. I know you know that. The time has come to put it to bed where it belongs.
> Silverfuck / Space Jam / Eye / Dose
(BC at 18:12: And now we bid you farewell. See you later. Say hi to your mom.)
> Farewell and Goodnight
(below is over piano outro)
BC: Thank you.
D’arcy: Good night, thank you.
Jimmy: Thank you, thank you.
BC: Thank you.
Iha: Goodnight everybody...
BC: Thank you.
Iha: ...goodnight, bye. Now it is night, drive safe. La di da da da, goodnight.
BC: Thank you. Thanks everybody.
> Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (tease)
BC: (rough voice) Goooodniiiiiiiiiiiiiight.

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