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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1994-04-17
Venue Buffalo State Sports Arena
Location Buffalo, NY, US
Venue Type Arena
Capacity 3500
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands Red Red Meat, The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format ANA
Equipment Unknown
Length 143m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation ANA-2 > CDR
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes ANA-3 > CDR and ANA-? > CDR transfers also circulate. Tape stopped between encores. Additional cuts occur after Cherub Rock, prior to Siva, after Starla, after Rhinoceros, and end of Stay with Me.
Unsurfaced Recordings
SBD #1
Source SBD
Format ANA
Equipment Unknown
Length Unknown
Complete? Unknown
Notes At least one person claims to have heard this tape in a bar at SUNY Buffalo several weeks after the show.



  • Soma
  • Rocket
  • Geek U.S.A.
  • Disarm
  • Snail
  • Quiet
  • Cherub Rock
  • Drown [4:55]
    • Hummer [5:54]
  • Today
  • I Am One (with rant) [8:21]
    • Today (tease)

Encore One:

  • Silverfuck [10:04]
    • Over the Rainbow [Harburg/Arlen] (tease)

Encore Two:

  • Mayonaise

Encore Three:

  • Siva [5:34]
    • Star Spangled Banner [Key] (tease)
  • Spaceboy
  • Starla [10:06]
  • Stay with Me [The Faces] (tease)
  • Sweet Sweet (false start)
  • Sweet Sweet (false start)
  • Sweet Sweet
  • Stay with Me [The Faces] (tease)
  • Today (tease)
  • Siva (tease)
  • Country Death Song [Violent Femmes] (tease)

Encore Four:

  • Hello Kitty Kat
  • Happy Birthday [Hill/Hill/Coleman] (tease)
  • Happy Birthday [Altered Images] (tease)
  • Rhinoceros
  • Stay with Me [The Faces] (tease)
  • Girl Named Sandoz [The Animals] (tease)
  • Happy Birthday [Altered Images] (tease)
  • Bury Me
  • Stay with Me [The Faces]


  • Rhinoceros is played by request
  • Bury Me and the closing Stay With Me jam with Kerry Brown
  • First known public performance of Hello Kitty Kat since 1993-03-15 (soundcheck recording from 1994-03-23)
  • Only performance of Stay with Me.
  • Only performance with four encores aside from 2000-12-02
  • "I was the promoter of record for this concert - it was at the Buffalo State College Sports Complex, not at Rockwell Hall, which was merely the location of the school's ticket office. As an aside, Tim Rutili of Red Red Meat went on to form Califone..."


Corgan: Welcome to the show. Hope you have a good time. Don't kill nobody. We'd like to begin this evening with a beautiful selection. Iha: Well we're starting off on a good foot. A lighter thrown...
Corgan: Thanks for the gum anyway.
Iha: (uninteligible) Please, no more large objects being thrown at us.
Corgan: Just - just keep in mind that we are human beings, that when we get hit by objects it does actually hurt. And we can tend to get angry and abusive.
Iha: Thank you, good night.
Corgan: So we'd like to begin this, ah, evening with a beautiful selection written by ah, yours truly Mr. James Iha. And it goes something kinda like this. One two three four.
Corgan: We have a technical problem. Hi! We're having technical problems.
Geek U.S.A.
Corgan: So that ah, that was called Geek U.S.A. As featured on our album Siamese Dream which came out about 200 years ago. We did make it to Buffalo, I guess. Since our album has come out we have been to Europe three times, Australia, Japan, and this is our uh second tour of America so... we didn't forget about you!
Iha: We uh, just didn't want to come here.
Corgan: He's so mean. He loves Buffalo.
Iha: I like buffalo wings.
Corgan: Thank you. I wrote that song when I was about eight years old. Here's a song I wrote when I was six, and it's on our first album called Fish. It's called I Want Some Twinkies.
Corgan: Um... ah, I'll save it for later.
Wretzky: Does it sound like music in this echoing hall at all?
Cherub Rock
Corgan: Turn on the lights for a second. Hi all you people up there! Those are where all the people go who are scared to come down here. But then again those people up there actually get to see the show, and actually get to listen to the music so uh, as opposed to getting hit in the head and all that shit. But thanks anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for coming. We're uh, we're usually pretty wary of playing universities because often time uh, the universities tend to uh, have people who don't know the band's music and the shows can be kind of lame, but...
Iha: Again, we're going to have to end the show early, it's been great, but we gotta go.
Corgan: He's so mean!
Iha: (uninteligible) I gotta towel off my shirt.
Corgan: We sincerely thank you for coming and uh, that's all. (source cuts) ...uh, flap because uh, the African American Coalition or something didn't want us to play because we weren't considered - we were considered white entertainment or something... I dunno. All I have to say is - all I have to say is I like to think that music goes beyond black and white. Obviously... I'm ah, I'm ah, an Irish-Italian male, D'arcy is a Russian female, James obviously is a Japanese-
Iha: Eskimo.
Corgan: Eskimo. And Jimmy's from another planet and uh... I just hope that - the one message I would like to deliver under these kind of circumstances because I hate to see anyone upset about anything, but... you can't fight racism with racism, and that's that.
Iha: And we're very sorry about the Buffalo Bills... four times they... I don't know what to say. Where we come from we got Ditka, you know what I'm saying?
Corgan: James, Ditka doesn't coach the Bears anymore.
Iha: But he's still there in spirit.
(Drown starts)
Corgan: Stop! We can't stop the joke telling.
Iha: Let's have a sea of hands for Mike Ditka. Can we have it.
(no one applauds)
Corgan: This is a song I wrote when I was a boy, it's called Drown.
I Am One

all I ever wanted was everything
all I ever wanted was everything
all I ever wanted was everything and all I got was shit
what you want is what you'll get and that's nothing
what you want is what you'll get and that's nothing
nothing can be taken from me that has not already been taken
gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing
gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing
gimme gimme gimme gimme gim gim gim gih gah gah gah gah nothing
gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme gimme nothing
I got the blues!
Mr. James Iha on the blues guitar.
Wow, that was beautiful.
All right, shut it up.
(music stops)
(spoken) This is uh, normally the point in the song where I scream a bunch of angry things but I'm not feeling so angry today, so... All I'm going to tell you is love yourself first and then try to figure out how to love other people after that. That's about as angry as I'm gonna be today.
Today (tease)
Does anybody even know this song? Who knows this song that we're playing right now? That's it, huh?
Iha: How many people think this is Paradise City?
Corgan: Thank you very much. Well for those of you who don't know, this is the first song on our first album, it's called I Am One. And it was the first Smashing Pumpkins song that ever came out. And the whole song is about, what have you got when you've got nothing? You've got nothing but you. That's what you got. As long as you eyes are still blinkin' and your heart is still beatin' and your tongue is still waggin' and your stomach's still growlin' and your feet's still movin' then you've got you. That's about as angry as I can be today. I know you came for this anger but it's just not there today.
(music starts again, song finishes)

Corgan: Goodnight Buffalo.
[encore break]
Iha: Oh yeah, motherfuckin' beatbox in the house! (beatboxes) Yeah Buffalo! (beatboxes) Yeah Buffalo! Four times!
Iha (over intro vocal sample): I'm sorry.
Corgan: (uninteligible)
Over the Rainbow (tease)
[encore break]
Iha: That was pretty dope.
Corgan: Thanks James.
Iha: Yup. I'd like to tell a story about this ---. Once a long time ago...
Corgan: God bless you, thank you.
[encore break]
Iha: Ladies and gentlemen of Buffalo, you're devastating. That's what some ah, dive bar radio station told me.
Corgan: Wait a sec, have some people left? Have some people left? It looks like some people left. Well, if you know anybody who left tell them I said fuck off.
Iha: I think, on the back of the concert ticket stub is like half off to go to Niagra Falls or something, so that's where they... must've went there...
Corgan: Oh, it's free?
Iha: I paid 50 dollars. This guy gave me a Niagra Falls ticket and said it's a bargain. Did I get ripped off?
Corgan: (uninteligible) Just so you know, we don't do a lot of third encores, so... Because uh, quite frankly... quite - quite frankly...
Iha: Quite frankly Mr. Shankley.
Corgan: Quite frankly we don't like most of the people we play in front of, so um... so you win the special silver star this evening.
Iha: And now we will rock.
Corgan: So sit back, uh... fondle yourself and enjoy... a Smashing Pumpkins fix.
Iha: Great! That sounds fucking great! I can't take it anymore! How's that rheumatism?
Corgan: If only I had the pick. James, why don't you start it for a change?
Star Spangled Banner (tease
Iha: All right all right all right.
Corgan (over intro): This is called Starla.
Stay with Me (tease)
Corgan: Hey! Come back. Come on. Come on. No you, you. Do one more song.
Iha: I want to play-
Corgan: Sorry I made you stay.
Iha: I want to play Stay with Me, not this song.
Stay with Me (tease)
Iha: (sings song, but progresses into yelling uninteligibly)
Corgan (over song): Well that's a really good groove, did you ever ---? Would someone like the beat? I think that guy right there should have the beat. That guy right there, right there. Yeah. Alright, stop playing the motherfucking song. Don't you want to end the song on a sentimental sweet note?
(source cuts)
Corgan: (laughs)
Iha: (uninteligible) Big Jim - Big Jimmy.
Corgan: (laughs) He's wild. So we'd like to play you one more song.
Sweet Sweet (abandoned)
Corgan: Yeah, no I'll sing it acapella. Come on, you'll sing with me.
Iha: (uninteligible)
(Corgan starts singing way off key)
Iha: Do you need a G, brother?
Sweet Sweet
Corgan: God bless you, thank you.
Stay with Me (tease)
Iha (over song): Yeah! Kick that damn beat! Come on, gimme some fuckin' rhythm! Gimme some fuckin' rhythm! Clap your fucking hands! Come on! --- Buffalo. I can't think of any more jokes, good night. Long live Rod Stewart.
Stay with Me (tease)
Today (tease)
Siva (tease)
Country Death Song (tease)
[encore break]
Corgan: Thank you all so very much. Are you tired? He's tired. Mr. Security Man, he's tired.
Iha: Yeah I was walking through --- Mall all day, I'm really tired. Whatever that... What?
(wall of guitar feedback)
Corgan: Thank you. So what do you want to hear?
Iha: Play Today again, would you?
Corgan: You wanna hear Pearl Jam? No no, no booing.
Iha: Yeah, we called them up - they used to open up for us - we called them up the other day to have them open for us, I think their necks are too big, they said no way. What do you fuckin' think of that? Jerks.
Corgan: Well that'll end up in Rolling Stone. Anyway, does anyone have any of our b-sides? You have one? All right, this is like uh, the only uh, we haven't played this song in about six months. But you don't know what song it is, why are you yelling? It could be a song you don't like.
Iha: Wooo! I love that one! It's so good.
Corgan: This is a song we were going to put on Siamese Dream but in the end we thought it didn't sound good enough, so I hope you like it. It's still kind of enjoyable in its own little way, but uh... Are you sure you want us to play more? I don't wanna... I don't wanna like force our egos. Hold on to your ego... This is a song called uh, Hello Kitty Kat. And then... then uh, when we get done playing that you can figure out what you want us to play next, so...
Hello Kitty Kat
Corgan: That was really ---, sorry. Rhinoceros, you wanna hear Rhinoceros? Honestly, who out there even knows what that song is now? We've pretty much played all the Siamese Dream songs, so uh... I know we haven't played one Siamese Dream song. Now - now those of you who - who know Rhinoceros, do you know it since Siamese Dream came out or before? Ah, okay, okay then. I feel somewhat obligated. Well for those of you who don't know this song, it's uh, it's a really nice song I wrote in my bedroom one day.
Iha: Yeah yeah yeah, just play ---.
Corgan: What, can't I give a little history? Obviously you people have nothing better to do. Just kidding, like studying... See, James dropped out of college, did you graduate? Jimmy - Jimmy dropped out of college.
Iha: The school of life.
Corgan: I don't think me and D'arcy went to college, so we're not very prime examples of schooling.
Iha: Yeah, I read Beowulf. Lay off.
Corgan: So anyway uh, those of you who don't know this is uh... I don't know man, I suddenly feel like we shouldn't play another one. Okay, all right, I want to apologize for playing. I guess that's why you're here; I know that's hard for you to understand but it's hard for me to understand. So anyway, this is a song I wrote in my uh, in my bedroom. Um, this a note, "please play Happy Birthday for Liz Lyons who is sixteen today." Where are you, Liz? There's Liz up there. She's very embarassed. We don't really know Happy Birthday.
Happy Birthday [Hill/Hill/Coleman] (tease)
Corgan: Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday [Altered Images] (tease)
Iha: (sings) Happy birthday, happy birthday. I know the Altered Images ver- song. (sings) Happy birthday, happy birthday.
Corgan: I'm sure you do, New Wave James.
Iha: (sings) Happy birthday, happy birthday.
Corgan: This is uh, Rhino Ceros.
Iha: (singing, over Corgan) Happy birthday...
Iha: Thanks.
[encore break?]
Corgan: I feel like we've overstayed our welcome but uh, we'd like to play one more please.
Stay with Me (tease)
Corgan: No, don't start that shit. All right, all right, we'll take a vote okay? This is- this is the... hold on... This is the way we, uh, used to do it when we were a small band. Uh... I ain't gonna play Freebird ---. Okay, so obviously there's two types of Pumpkins songs, there's loud songs and quiet songs so... so... hold on, hold on, hold on. So those of you who'd like to hear a loud song, say yes.
(audience cheers)
Corgan: And those of you who'd like to hear a quiet song, say yes.
(audience cheers)
Corgan: Boy, you're a bunch of rockers. All right, what rock song would you like to hear? I hear Tristessa, Bury, what else? We don't know how to play Sandoz anymore, sorry. Bye June is not a heavy song, we're very sorry.
Girl Named Sandoz (tease)
Corgan: That's all I remember. (at Kerry Brown?) Got any ideas? We'll let Kerry- we'll let Kerry pick. Come out, come out Kerry. Kerry is uh, D'arcy's fiance.
Iha: He's also a gardener and he's just won a new car! Come on out!
Corgan: I'm going to be uh, best man at uh, Kerry and D'arcy's wedding.
Iha: Kerry ---.
Corgan: What would you like to hear, Kerry?
Kerry Brown: We'd like to hear Bury Me.
(Corgan and Iha talk over each other, uninteligibly)
Corgan: So um, this will be our last selection for the evening, we'd like to thank you very much again. We uh, hold on, hold on. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, really, and um we appreciate- we appreciate... I'm sorry to talk so much, but we appreciate your respect because often times when we go to play a college, uh, a lot of frat type people throw shoes at our heads, and uh, they only know two songs and, you know, all that kind of crap so we thank you for being a very respectful audience.
Happy Birthday [Altered Images] (tease)
Corgan: And then these gentlemen can go home. This man's tired. Look, he's gotta lean on the stage 'cause he's so tired... taking people out of the crowd... All right, yeah, Bury Me, I'm sorry.
Bury Me
Corgan: Thank you very much.
Wretzky: Thank you, ---.
Iha: Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.
Corgan: I think we should get Jimmy up here. Hey, Jimmy. Jimmy never gets to come up front in the special area.
Stay with Me (tease)

Chamberlin: Thank you very much.
Iha: Thank you, Jimmy. Let's put our hands in the air, feel good. That jerk. Fucking...

Stay with Me

Corgan: All right, you gotta sing though James.
(James starts singing, then Billy takes over)
Iha (over Corgan): Yeah, yeah.
Corgan: This guy just wants to go home, man.
(Iha starts beatboxing and woofing like a dog, then yelling uninteligibly)