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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1994-02-09
Venue Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
Location Tokyo, JP
Venue Type Concert Hall
Capacity 2200
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format ANA
Equipment (cheap mic) > Sony Walkman
Length 85m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation ANA-M > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Unsurfaced Recordings



  • Soma
  • Rocket
  • Geek U.S.A.
  • Disarm
  • Today
  • Quiet
  • Cherub Rock
  • Mr. Roboto [Styx] (tease)
  • Drown [4:59]
    • Hummer [5:55]
  • Siva [4:52]
  • Starla [7:56]


  • Bury Me
  • Spaceboy
  • (instrumental) [4:14]
    • Suffer (one verse)
  • Silverfuck [10:10]
    • Over the Rainbow [Harburg/Arlen] (tease)
    • Jackboot (tease)


Corgan: Good evening.
Geek U.S.A.

Iha: (speaks Japanese)
Corgan: I don't care if you're from America, ok? I don't care. I'm in Japan, I'm happy to be in Japan, thank you for coming. It is not important where you are from, but we are happy to be in your country.
Corgan: Thank you.
Cherub Rock
Corgan: Domo arigato, mister roboto. We love you too. In that American kind of love. Its different than Japanese love.
Iha: Its nice.
Corgan: But here--you have the Singles soundtrack here? We weren't sure. This is uh, from that movie, Sleepless In Seattle.

Corgan: Thanks.
Corgan: Domo arigato.
(encore break)
Corgan: Thanks very much. Laz, put the lights on! Hey all you people up there! Ok, all you people too back there.
Iha: Watch! Watch!(?)
Corgan: I think we need to see evil hands...James?
Iha: Watch!(?)
Corgan: Evil hands man, we gotta report this.
Iha: (speaks Japanese)
Corgan: Thats all the Japanese he knows too, you know. He doesn't know any more Japanese than what he's reading off that paper back there! So uh...uh, anybody have the Gish album? Yes, that album.
Iha: Boo, boo.
Corgan: We'd like to do a song for you off the Gish album...this is called Bury Me.
Bury Me
Corgan: Thanks.
Unknown Instrumental/Suffer
Silverfuck/Over the Rainbow/Jackboot

Photos & Memorabilia

Tsp1994-02-09-ticket (1).jpg