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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1993-07-04
Venue Raymond Revue Bar
Location London, UK
Venue Type Club
Capacity 183
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
SBD #1
Source SBD
Format DAT
Equipment Unknown
Length 86m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation DAT > Virgin Promo Tape > FLAC
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
24-bit download
Notes Surfaced on Ebay in July 2009.
AMT #1a
Source AUD
Format DVD
Equipment Unknown
Length 4m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation "Pisces Iscariot" official release
Notes Dancing in the Moonlight only.
Unsurfaced Recordings
AMT #1
Source AUD
Format VID
Equipment Unknown
Length Unknown
Complete? Unknown
Notes Handheld from front row, night vision shot.



  • Rocket
  • Cherub Rock
  • Rhinoceros
  • Today
  • Spaceboy
  • Siva [5:51]
  • Dancing in the Moonlight [Thin Lizzy]
  • Disarm
  • Starla [6:10]
  • Outshined [Soundgarden] (tease)
  • Suffer
  • Hummer
  • Drown [4:20]
  • Kooks [Bowie]
  • Smiley
  • Bye June
  • I Am One (tease)
  • French Movie Theme (tease)
  • Crush


  • Acoustic
  • Final performances of Kooks and Smiley
  • James waltzes with an audience member during Bye June


Wretzky: Hi. This is a very special occasion. We've made a record - pulled a record monetary loss. Out of every show we've ever played, I think we lost the most money on this one so this is a very special show tonight.
Corgan: I didn't know that. So um, welcome to Smashing Pumpkin hell. Or something close to that. And um, thank you for coming. Hope you have fun.
Iha: (Laughs) And stop taking pictures.
Corgan: They like to take the pictures when we look good, as opposed to later when we look bad. So um, we're going to play you new songs and old songs and if you want to hear anything, go ahead and feel free to yell them out. It's very casual.
Wretzky: But that doesn't mean we'll play them.
Corgan: If it sounds - (laughs) - and if it sounds bad, let us know, I'd rather have everyone enjoy it and you know, if the vocals are too low or loud or you know all that stupid shit... But anyway, so um, hi bye and here we are.
Corgan: Dankjewel.
Iha: Why thank you very much, London.
Corgan: See if this was a normal show this is where James would say something witty and then I would piss off the crowd with something smug.
Iha: But things are so stressful, how can we?
Cherub Rock
Iha: Thank you very much again.
Corgan: So we're really happy to be the next Duran Duran. It's uh, really cool, um... Our stylist tells us we can get better clothes, but I think once we do that everything's gonna work out fine.
Iha: I of course have opted for Limahl's haircut from Kajagoogoo.
Wretzky: He also has his guitar microphone.
Iha: (laughs)
Wretzky: No, it's true!
Iha: Let's uh, let's play another song and uh, see what happens.
Corgan: That's a good idea, Jimmy. James.
Iha: (laughs) Okay Bill.
Iha: Wait a minute, I want to pose for the cameras. I dropped my pick. This barrage of flash lights must stop after a while.
Corgan: He's um... you ever see the man with the x-ray eyes? That's what he's got. He can see all of you naked right now but the bright light really hurts him after a while.
Iha: Hey, hey, don't...
Corgan: Now there's a frightening thought. If god wanted us to be naked he wouldn't have born us with clothes... nevermind, that's a dumb joke. This is um, on that new album, the one everyone's murmuring about. It's no Nevermind but uh, it's pretty good.
Iha: Ha ha ha ha.
Corgan: Thanks. This is a song I wrote about my little brother and it's called Spaceboy.

(during song)
Corgan: (laughs) I'm sorry.
Iha: We just thought we'd kick out the jams for you there.
Corgan: It's been so long.
(riffing back and forth between Billy and James)
Corgan: Can you play that Spirit of the Radio riff?

Iha: Thank you.
Corgan: Um, we'd like to, um, do a song by Thin Lizzy. Please.
Wretzky: Please.
Corgan: Thanks. Is everyone having a good time? It's not too hot. It's too hot? Oh, I'm sorry, alright, we won't play as long. We wouldn't want anyone to be uncomfortable.
Dancing in the Moonlight
Corgan: Thank you. So does anyone want to hear anything? Should we just keep with the setlist?
Iha: Plodding along.
(Audience yells various things including Drown, "Everything", Bury Me, and Starla)
Corgan: Starla, oooh, that's a toughie. I don't know if we could play Starla.
Wretzky: I don't think so.
Iha: No.
Corgan: I'll - you wanna - we'll try it even though we don't know it, how's that? (laughs) D'arcy's gonna hate me for this, but uh...
Wretzky: Yeah, I (uninteligible). What are the notes?
Corgan: It's uh, A to D and then... yeah, that's how it goes, it's A to D and then there's that one part - (laughs) - I don't remember. It's the advantage of writing it...
Chamberlin: No it's four five five four...
Wretzky: Seven two ten one...
Corgan: We'll try it and if it sucks we're sorry and if it's great it'll be cool.
(Billy starts playing, then stops and tunes)
Corgan: Actually can I have that other guitar?
(James strums some)
Corgan: You don't sound too in tune there Mr. Iha. He's got the blues, man. If you only knew how many blues he had. All right. (laughs)
Iha: (over intro) Yeah.

(during song)
Corgan: I can't remember the next line. I honestly can't. Huh?
?: To disappear.
Corgan: (sings "To disappear, takes so much time") Oh yeah.

Corgan: Now it's time for the wank-off bit
Iha: 2...3...4...

Wretzky: That never happens, let me tell you.
Corgan: What, that you remember?
Wretzky: That you forget and I remember. Never, never happens.
Corgan: Thanks for embarassing me. We'd like to play and oldie and a psychedelic-y. This is the grunge downtune by the way. Play that... wait... Outshined (tease)
Wretzky: Anton, Anton or Darren, Anton or Darren, can - can you get me a beer? A beer from Anton or Darren.
Corgan: Wow, that's the best applause we've gotten.
Wretzky: Please.
Iha: Play some more Soundgarden man.
Corgan: Um... oh yeah.
Corgan: Thanks. That's it, bye. Aww, you make me feel so bad. Go ahead, downtune, play Drown. You want to hear Drown? Okay. All right, no okay, we - we'll get past the encore pretend, ok, we'll just play and then yell when you want us to stop. All right.
(Audience starts shouting requests)
Iha: Oh friends, let's not start that yet.
Corgan: Well first on the hit list is Drown. Um, so... Is everyone okay, I mean I feel weird like, I don't want you to sit here and burn and die and... So um, this is Drown I guess.
Corgan: (laughs) Synchronicity. What ever happened to that Police album, Synchronicity? What ever happened to a lot of things. And then they wonder why we're such a fucked up generation.
Iha: There's nothing wrong with Sting.
Corgan: We have a no-Sting rule with the Pumpkins, um... if he comes on the radio or anything we have to change it. So that includes Police and... solo...
Iha: And if you've ever seen Sting on a trampoline playing bass, it's enough to ruin you for life.
Corgan: So um, we'd like to do a David Bowie song. Kinda obvious but, um...
Iha: It matches my shirt.
Corgan: (laughs) James used to be in the Spiders from Mars. A lot of people don't know that.
Iha: Barry Ronson, they called me.
Corgan: You have the - you have the - the Woody - the Woody/Mick/Keith Ronson haircut going.
Iha: Oookay.
Corgan: Oh, right. So this is called Kooks.
(song starts)
Corgan: No wait, you didn't applaud for any of our songs like that.
Iha: The applause is overwhelming. We must do more David Bowie songs, I guess.
Corgan: Well, is everyone okay, should we keep going? You sure, no dissenters? Noone's going to throw a beer at my head?
Iha: What? It's too hot, mate.
Wretzky: Did you say beer? What happened to my beer? I asked for a beer.
Corgan: Can't play without that beer. Do you want a beer?
Wretzky: No, I was lying.
Iha: Everything's light and easy, all joking around.
Wretzky: Where the hell is Anton?
Iha: The set's almost over with...
Corgan: Oh okay, now I know what we'll play.
Corgan: This is Anton. Here, I promised-
Wretzky: Thank you Anton.
Corgan: I promised Anton that I'd sing him this homosexual pean of my love to him. So if I fuck up don't notice 'cause it's the emotion of Anton.
Bye June
Corgan: Yeah. Another gay moment.
Iha: Aaaand goodnight.
Corgan: All right, let's end this on a high, exciting note so, what should it be?
Audience member: I Am One!
Corgan: See you don't know any of the - yeah...
I Am One (tease)
Corgan: Yeah, yeah, we got it right here for you. Uh-uh. No fuckin' way.
(very quick Bury Me tease)
Corgan: See you don't know any of the new songs, so it's...
Audience member: Geek U.S.A.!
Wretzky: (laughs)
Iha: Right. We'll have to play that Amboy Dukes song you've been waitin' for.
Corgan: All right, I know how we'll end-
Audience member: Tonight's the Night!
Corgan: Huh?
Iha: Tonight's the Night...
Audience member: Stripped!
Wretzky: Stripped...
Iha: Hey man...
Corgan: (sings) Tonight's the night, gonna be all right
Iha: Back off on Neil, all right?
(Audience yells several things including Terrapin)
Corgan: We can't play Terrapin anymore, we don't remember how it goes, sorry.
Iha: We've forgotten.
Corgan: Seriously um, I know it's embarassing and all but it's true.
Audience member: Take your clothes off!
Iha: (laughs)
Corgan: I've tried that; it doesn't get me any better press or sell any more records.
Wretzky: You would be sorry.
Iha: Let's just simply pick a song and...
Wretzky: Crush? Luna?
Iha: ...move on with...
Corgan: All right, there you go.
Audience member: La Dolly Vita!
Corgan: Don't know how to play that either.
Iha: It's such a downer though.
Corgan: What, Crush? No, it's a spiritual way to end the gig. No, Snail doesn't translate too well acoustically, I must be honest. I'd love to play it but it sounds kind of limp and impotent. Audience member: Gary Numan song!
Corgan: What? Say that one more time.
Audience member: Gary Numan, Are Friends Electric.
Iha: Gary Numan.
Corgan: Oh, you want to hear the Gary Numan song, oh.
Iha: I-
Wretzky: Who said that?
Corgan: I don't know all the words though.
Wretzky: Who said that? I'm gonna kill 'em.
Corgan: We do do a Gary Numan song but it's - it's not Cars either and it would be genius right at the moment, but...
Iha: All right, this is getting a bit doggy, let's play a song.
Corgan: I - We'll see how long we can torture out this moment. Watch James - watch James turn different shades of red. How - who would like to see him tap dance? It's been a while!
(audience applauds wildly)
Corgan: Come on, you gotta tap dance.
Iha: Of course, I must have appropriate snare and uh, guitar accompaniment.
Corgan: I'll tell you what, if you do the tap dance I'll do the snake dance.
Iha: All right, all right. Jimmy, give us some wild fills here.
(Jimmy plays fills)
(James presumably tap dances, which is mic'd, audience applauds)
Corgan: And here's the um-
Iha: (uninteligible)
Corgan: I learned this in Berlin at a techno bar. No I gotta, okay, you gotta give me the beat though.
(Jimmy plays very random drums)
Iha: Don't screw me, don't screw me, don't screw me, keep it goin' man, keep goin', don't fuck up, don't fuck up, keep goin'.
(audience applauds)
Iha: All right, we have no shame, there is nothing left except one song to bring us all home in the heart and minds.
Audience member: French Movie Theme!
Iha: And you're completely wrong. Let's...
French Movie Theme (tease)
Corgan: I've told you already I didn't like punk rock, okay, I will make no more apologies for it. I didn't like punk rock, I still don't like punk rock, I'm sorry! Keep this up we're going to do some Nitzer Ebb songs, okay? So this is Crush and - and then we will (kisses) bid you adieu but we'll be hanging around, so... it... never - never mind, I can't think straight.
Corgan: Thanks. Thank you.
Wretzky: Thank you.
Iha: Thank you very much. Unfortunately we are (uninteligible).
Corgan: (laughs) And uh - and of course I have to get in my last word, um... A lot of people thought this was a really bad idea but you've made this a really great idea and - and I hope we can do more of this because I'm sick of just being a rock band all the time, just to keep stupid people happy all the time. I - I appreciate being able to play my music differently and we all as a unit appreciate your attention very much, so thank you and good night.

Photos and Memorabilia