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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1992-09-03
Venue Batschkapp
Location Frankfurt, DE
Venue Type Club
Capacity 700
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands Unknown
Surfaced Recordings
AUD #1
Source AUD
Format ANA
Equipment ECM-939LT > WM-D6C
Length 88m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation ANA-M > DAT-M > CDR
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes Mislabeled as a DAT recording until the master surfaced in November 2016. Tape flip before Drown, no music missing. Inferior ANA-1 > FLAC and ANA-? > DAT > CDR transfers also circulate.
PRO #1a
Source TV
Format VID
Equipment Unknown
Length 5:36m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation  ? > MPEG
Notes Short interview segmemt (18s) with Corgan before the show and Rhinoceros; rough one cam recording; filmed and broadcasted by Underground Live TV Germany.
Unsurfaced Recordings
PRO #1
Source PRO
Format VID
Equipment Unknown
Length Unknown
Complete? Unknown



  • Rhinoceros
  • Suicide Kiss
  • (jam)
    • Rocket
  • Bury Me
  • Disarm
  • Hello Kitty Kat
  • (improv)
  • (unknown)
  • Kill Your Parents II [1:15]
    • Siva [5:23]
  • Drown [7:15]
  • Tristessa
  • Window Paine
  • I Am One
  • Lookout Loretta
  • Silverfuck [11:53]
    • Star Spangled Banner [Key] (tease)


Suicide Kiss (Geek U.S.A.)
Iha: Salamander...song about a salamander.
Corgan: At some point we're going to have to choose between stage diving and the end of the show. You know can stage dive all you want, but we're not gonna play anymore cos I'm sick of getting popped in the fuckin' mouth. You wanna stage dive, go ahead, but we're just gonna fuckin' quit cos of the stage diving fuckers
Bury Me
Iha: You have energy... I know, I know. This is called [unintelligible]
Corgan: This is called 'Hel-lo Kitty Kat'
Hello Kitty Kat
Wretzky: I wanna play 'Vince', I want to play you a song, but you don't know it
Iha: We're having a technical problem, we hope you can endure it... enjoy the atmosphere, the lights, the sound, the people next to you, you're making new friends, right... of the same gender...
Window Paine

Iha: Thank you very much
I Am One
Lookout Loretta

Corgan: [mid song] ...and I feel you and your stupid shouting. Because you haven't found it in your heart to get up on stage somewhere, you would shout at me, and her. God bless America!
Iha: Four score and seven years ago, [unintelligible]
Corgan: The very fact that you yell so easy for your fucked up country shows how fucked up you are. Don't be so quick to shout. Yeah, yeah, I'm a motherfucker. You don't have to hide when you say it. What's the matter?
Iha: Oh, let's not get angry now.
Corgan: Someone made fun of your country? You should be secure in your feelings, not worry about anyone else's. I'm rockin', man.
Silverfuck continues and ends
Star Spangled Banner
Corgan: That's why I love America

Photos & Memorabilia

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