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The Smashing Pumpkins
Date 1988-11-19
Venue Roselle Music
Location Roselle, IL, US
Venue Type TV Studio
Capacity Unknown
Lineup Corgan, Iha, Wretzky, Chamberlin
Order of Bands The Smashing Pumpkins
Surfaced Recordings
PRO #1
Source PRO
Format DVD
Equipment Hitachi F21 Pro Cams
Length 61m
Complete? Yes
Lowest Circulating Generation "Pisces Iscariot" official release
PRO #1a
Source TV
Format VHS
Equipment Unknown
Length 1m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation VHS-1 > DVD
Notes Very short clips shown in Full Circle documentary. VHS-? > VCD transfer also circulates.
PRO #1b
Source PRO
Format VID
Equipment Hitachi F21 Pro-Cams
Length 5m
Complete? No
Lowest Circulating Generation VHS-4 > DVD
Live Music Archive 16-bit download
Notes My Eternity only, as found on the Psycho tape. VHS-? > DVD and VHS-? > CDR audio transfer also circulate (as part of "Three Songs O' Rarities").
Unsurfaced Recordings



  • There It Goes
  • She (false start)
  • She
  • Under Your Spell
  • My Eternity (false start)
  • My Eternity (false start)
  • (unknown tease, "Good Morning Mr. Sun")
  • My Eternity (abandoned)
  • My Eternity
  • Bleed
  • Nothing and Everything
  • Jennifer Ever (abandoned)
  • Sunshine of Your Love [Cream] (tease)
  • Jennifer Ever (abandoned)
  • Jennifer Ever (false start)
  • Jennifer Ever (false start)
  • Jennifer Ever
  • Death of a Mind (Sun)
  • Spiteface


  • Cable Access taping
  • The band were extremely nervous
  • Earliest existing video of the band


Chamberlin: One, two, three, four!
There It Goes
Corgan: Are we still rolling? Okay. Oh, okay. Um, the next, the name of the next song is She and hopefully I will hear my vocals better. Hint, hint.
Chamberlin: One, two, three, four!
She (false start)
Corgan: No. Cut.
Wretzky: What do you mean?
Corgan: I don't know, man. I'm just um, um, I'm having trouble hearing my vocals, and my voice is weak, so... Thank you.
Corgan: Well that sucked
Chamberlin: We could like, hold it out.
Wretzky and Iha: [unintelligible conversation]
Corgan: Sorry.
Chamberlin: Hi, we're The Smashing Pumpkins and we drink Pepsi.
Corgan: Okay. This is Under Your Spell. Featuring D'arcy Wretzky. On the bass of fuzzness.
Under Your Spell
Corgan: My Eternity. Okay.
My Eternity (two false starts)
Corgan: Uhhh.
(unknown tease)
Corgan: Alright.
My Eternity (abandoned)
Corgan: Sorry we're wasting your time. And sucking big. Yeah, please, please. I don't know why that is. D'arcy made like a big fuck— yeah you did, made a big fucking...
My Eternity
Corgan: Bleed.
Chamberlin: Boy, we haven't done this in a long time.
Corgan: Yeah. Thanks, Nick. Thank you for your patience.
Corgan: Got it. Iha, Wretzky and Chamberlin: [unintelligible conversation]
Corgan: Nothing and Everything is the name of this song.
Nothing and Everything
Chamberlin: Sounds like we have the slightest idea of what we're doing.
Corgan: Okay. This is our new song, Jennifer Ever.
Jennifer Ever (abandoned)
Corgan: Screeching. Hello help me. Have I moved? No, mic's in the same place. I'll pull it back if you want. Check! Still a ring. Check! Check! Check! Check! Yeah, that's better. Yeah, I, it's not bad. Hey man, this is the world of music.
Sunshine of Your Love (tease)
Corgan: Rolling? Okay. This... hello? Yes. Um, this song is about, three and a half minutes at the most.
Sunshine of your Love (tease)
Corgan: Huh? [unintelligible] It's just like, one, two, boom-boom-boom. Do one of those Lucy kaleidoscopes, with our heads rotating. No, we don't, we only do, the only cover we play, um, we've only played two covers, uh, Time Has Come today, and uh, um, What Goes On by The Velvet Underground and that's it. Ready? Okay. This song is called Jennifer Ever.
Jennifer Ever (abandoned)
Wretzky: I got lost. I'm sorry.
Corgan: Ahh, come on!
Chamberlin: Aw, it was going so good. Ready?
Corgan: Okay. This is Jennifer Ever.
Jennifer Ever (false start)
Corgan: This is Jennifer Ever.
Jennifer Ever (false start)
Wretzky: What?
Iha: How? Her fault, her fault.
Chamberlin: What, are you crackin' up on me?
Corgan: I tried to like, "This is Jennifer Ever!" Sorry.
Chamberlin: Take fifty.
Corgan: To the men out in the trucks, we love you and we're sorry. And the ladies, I'm sorry, I forgot.
Wretzky: What was that little note there?
Corgan: That was called the, an F sharp 9 and 7.
Chamberlin: Let's try to do it.
Corgan: Okay. I won't introduce the song.
Jennifer Ever
Corgan: Thank God for that.
Wretzky: You've heard it enough times. It's in your head.
Corgan: It grows on you, don't it.
Wretzky: After about ten times
Corgan: Two more. Right? Okay. This is called Death of a Mind. Yeah, less reverb on the drums. No it's not!
Wretzky: Yes it is!
Corgan: Go!
Death of a Mind (Sun)
Corgan: One more. Thank you very much. One more. Least one more. Okay. No. Keep it under control. This is Spiteface, thank you. One, two, three, four!
Corgan: Thank you. Thanks, Lou.
Chamberlin: Hey, um, did they say the first, first version we did of that?

Photos and Memorabilia