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Q: How did you get all of the info added so quickly?
A: Simple, the wonderful Syco54645 has created a program that did it all for us.

Q: How can I help?
A: Easy, just create an account then edit the pages. All we ask is that the info is correct and that you keep with the formatting.

Q: When will SPLRA be completely done?
A: Depends, how fast can you work?

Q: What will the site's features be?
A: Check out LiveNirvana and the Nirvana Live Guide and you will see some of the awesome features we've noticed and been inspired by.

Q: Where can I get live Pumpkins/Zwan/Corgan/Chamberlin?
A: See the hub guide located at here.
A: Or here.
A: Or here.
A: Or here.
A: Or here.
A: Or here.
note--the splra does not condone "remastering", "remixing", or otherwise "improving" a show without permission from the original taper.

Q: How can I contact the SPLRA?
A: Contact info can be found here. You can also leave us a comment in the talk section of our user pages, please note who you are when you leave it.