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SPLRA stands for "Smashing Pumpkins Live Recording Association", however we do include other SP related and side-project bands, such as: Zwan, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex, Billy Corgan (Solo), Starchildren, and The Marked. We are focused on detailed live recording and show information. We are doing this largely on the fact that this can be a fantastic traders resource and a wonderful tool. So have fun, spread information, and last but not least, spread those live recordings.


The SPLRA was formed and began operating full-scale September 1, 1997. It's main focus at that time was to record as much as possible of the Smashing Pumpkins adore promotional tour.


Currently SPLRA is collecting as much data as possible by using this Wiki. However, the goal eventually is to transfer all this data into a mySQL database along with a site created in PHP to display and enter data in a structured way.