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The following is a list of shows the Smashing Pumpkins/Zwan/Jimmy Chamberlin Complex/Billy Corgan have had to cancel over the years.

The Smashing Pumpkins were kicked off the bill by the headliner, That Petrol Emotion, hours before the show.
1989-03-24 - Metro, Chicago, IL, US

The Pumpkins dropped off the tour after learning that Nirvana were to be added to the bill, as Billy refused to play with Kurt Cobain due to his dating Courtney Love.
1991-12-27 - Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA, US
1991-12-28 - O'Brien Pavilion, San Diego, CA, US
1991-12-29 - ASU Centre, Tempe, AZ, US
1991-12-31 - Cow Palace, Daly City, CA, US

Canceled due to Guns N' Roses (the headliners) pulling out. Axl Rose decided to leave the US in order to avoid arrest relating to a riot at one of their shows.
1992-04-10 - Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL, US
1992-04-13 - Palace, Auburn Hills, MI, US
1992-04-14 - Palace, Auburn Hills, MI, US

Rescheduled to 1993-03-15 due to blizzards.
1993-03-13 - Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia, US

Canceled due to a delay in the recording of Siamese Dream. This suggests there is a longer list of cancelled dates for the same reason.
1993-07-31 - (Unknown Venue), Madison, Wisconsin, US

This show was not actually played by the Pumpkins, it was played by The Verve, James (the band, not James Iha), Wonderstuff, and Swervedriver. It is thought that this date was entered in Pumpkins tour histories when the 1993 European tour itinerary was checked against that of The Verve, who were the support act for the tour.
1993-09-28 - Astoria Theatre, London, UK

Show moved indoors to UAB Arena due to impending bad weather.
1993-11-07 - Sloss Furnaces, Birmingham, Alabama, US

Moved to Center Stage to make room for video cameras.
1993-11-10 - Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia, US
1993-11-11 - Variety Playhouse, Atlanta, Georgia, US

Canceled due to Billy suffering from bronchitis.
1993-11-27 - Avalon, Boston, Massachusetts
1993-11-28 - Avalon, Boston, Massachusetts

Rescheduled to 1993-12-11, as a second date added at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago clashed.
1993-12-09 - Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, US

Canceled due to torrential rain.
1994-08-16 - Florida Fairgrounds, Deland, Florida

Moved due to the venue burning down.
1996-02-29 - MBK Pavilion, Bangkok, TH

The following were canceled due to the death of Jimmy's father.
1996-03-14 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia (rescheduled to 1996-05-19)
1996-03-15 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia (rescheduled to 1996-05-20)
1996-03-15 - Hordern Pavilion, Sydney, Australia (rescheduled to 1996-05-21)
1996-03-18 - Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand (rescheduled to 1996-05-26)
1996-03-19 - Town Hall, Christchurch, New Zealand (rescheduled to 1996-05-27)
1996-03-20 - Events Centre, Wellington, New Zealand (rescheduled to 1996-05-24)
1996-03-22 - Auckland Supertop, Auckland, New Zealand (rescheduled to 1996-05-23)

The following 1996 shows were rumored/announced at one point, but wound up being moved or canceled.
1996-04-10 - Globe Arena, Stockholm, SE (moved to Isstadion)
1996-05-01 - Arena, Valencia, ES
1996-05-05 - Zenith, Paris, FR (moved to Bercy on 5/06)
1996-05-XX - International Arena, Cardiff, UK

This gig was canceled because a fan was killed the night before.
1996-05-12 - Ulster Hall, Belfast, Northern Ireland

The following show was moved to the State Theater due to low ticket sales.
1996-06-30 - The Palace, Auburn Hills, MI

The following shows were re-scheduled due to Jonathan's death. (note: This list is incomplete. I'm still looking for the FULL original itinerary).
1996-07-12 - Madison Square Garden, New York, New York (rescheduled to 1996-09-17)
1996-07-13 - Madison Square Garden, New York, New York (rescheduled to 1996-09-18)
1996-07-14 - Meadowlands, East Rutherford, New Jersey (rescheduled to 1996-09-16)
1996-07-16 - Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (rescheduled to 1996-09-06)
1996-07-17 - Allen County Arena, Fort Wayne, Indiana (rescheduled to 1996-10-30)
1996-07-19 - Mark Of The Quad Cities, Moline, Illinois (rescheduled to 1996-10-26)
1996-07-20 - Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri (rescheduled to 1996-09-01)
1996-07-21 - Kiel Center, Saint Louis, Missouri (rescheduled to 1996-10-02)
1996-07-23 - Freeman Coliseum, San Antonio, Texas (rescheduled to 1996-11-29)
1996-07-23 - Myriad Arena, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (rescheduled to 1996-11-23)
1996-07-24 - Reunion Arena, Dallas, Texas (rescheduled to 1996-12-01)
1996-07-26 - Frank Erwin Center, Austin, Texas (rescheduled to 1996-11-30)
1996-07-27 - Cajundome, Lafayette, Louisiana (rescheduled to 1996-11-26)
1996-XX-XX - MetraPark, Billings, Montana (rescheduled to 1997-01-10)
1996-XX-XX - Fargo, North Dakota
1996-08-12 - GM Place, Vancouver, British Columbia (rescheduled to 1997-01-08)
1996-08-14 - Rose Garden, Portland, Oregon (rescheduled to 1997-01-07)
1996-08-15 - Key Arena, Seattle, Washington (rescheduled to 1997-01-06)
1996-08-17 - Cow Palace, San Francisco, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-14)
1996-08-18 - Shark Tank, San Jose, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-16)
1996-08-19 - Arco Arena, Sacremento, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-17)
1996-08-21 - Forum, Inglewood, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-18)
1996-08-23 - Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-09)
1996-08-24 - Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-10)
1996-08-25 - Sports Arena, San Diego, California (rescheduled to 1996-12-11)

Canceled due to Billy being ill
1996-11-08 - Bryce Jordan Center, State College, PA (rescheduled to 1997-01-29)
1996-11-09 - Coliseum, Richmond, VA (rescheduled to 1997-01-30)

This date was rumored, but never appeared.
1996-11-13 - Charlotte, NC

The band wanted to hold a concert in Grant Park at first, but could not get a permit. Corgan said the band had no warning about the city's veto. He said the group first pitched a concert on July 4, but officials were concerned about crowds overlapping from the Taste of Chicago food festival. Corgan said it was the city that proposed July 7 date. It was booked for Soldier Field, then moved to the New World Music Amphitheater due to slow sales.
1998-07-04/1998-07-07 - Grant Park, Chicago, Illinois
1998-07-07 - Soldier Field, Chicago, Illinois

The South African leg of the tour was canceled for unknown reasons.
1998-08-26 - Johannesburg Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa
1998-08-27 - Johannesburg Stadium, Johannesburg, South Africa
1998-08-31 - Three Arts Theater, Cape Town, South Africa
1998-09-01 - Three Arts Theater, Cape Town, South Africa

The Pumpkins were scheduled to play this show, but it was cancelled for unknown reasons.
1998-12-07 - The Cajun House, Scottsdale, Arizona

This show was cancelled due to Billy's voice going out.
2000-01-21 - Apollo, Manchester, England

Signing canceled for unknown reasons.
2000-02-05 - Music Millenium, Portland, Oregon

Show canceled for unknown reasons.
2000-04-26 - Central Maine Civic Center, Lewiston, Maine

Billy was to play the national anthem, but instead just made an appearance wrestling.
2000-07-22 - Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, IL

Show canceled because the Pumpkins couldn't secure the venue due to a gymnastics competition.
2000-11-08 - Laugardalshollinn, Reykjavik, Iceland

Venue changed due to unknown reasons.
2000-11-14 - Belville Veledrome, Cape Town, ZA

Show canceled for unknown reasons.
2003-02-03 - Drum Logos, Fukuoka, Japan

Venue was changed (ticket sales?).
2003-04-17 - Ampitheater, Mesa, Arizona^

Canceled due to slow ticket sales.
2003-04-29 - The Fillmore, Denver, Colorado

Canceled "due to illness in a family member".
2003-06-15 - Heineken Jammin Festival, Imola, Italy
2003-06-16 - Italy Centralino del Tennis, Rome, Italy
2003-06-17 - Italy Arena Flegrea, Naples, Italy
2003-06-20 - Hurricane Festival, Scheesel, Germany
2003-06-21 - Spain Doctor Music Festival, Barcelona, Spain
2003-06-22 - (Unknown Venue), Toulouse, France
2003-06-24 - Marseille At The Docks, Marseille, France
2003-06-26 - Zenith, Lille, France
2003-06-27 - Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England
2003-06-29 - Roskilde Festival, Roskilde, Denmark
2003-07-02 - Kulturbolagel, Malmo, Sweden
2003-07-03 - Tradgarn, Goteborg, Sweden
2003-07-04 - Quart Festival, Kristiansand, Norway
2003-07-06 - Ruisrock Festival, Turku, Finland
2005-07-09 - T In The Park, Kinrosshire, Scotland
2003-07-09 - Brixton Academy, London, England
2005-07-10 - Punchestown Racecourse, County Kildare, Ireland
2003-07-10 - Manchester Apollo, Manchester, England
2003-07-12 - T In The Park, Glasgow, Scotland
2003-07-13 - Witness Festival, Dublin, Ireland
2003-07-16 - Plaza XX Settembre, Fano, Italy
2003-07-18 - Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland
2003-07-19 - Lungamore, Catania, Italy
2003-07-20 - Piazza Napoleone, Lucca, Italy
2003-07-25 - Fuji Rock Festival, Niigata, Japan
2003-07-26 - Nihon Seinenkan Hall, Toyko, Japan

Canceled for unknown reasons (possibly slow ticket sales), relocated to the Marquee Club.
2005-07-28 - Enmore Theater, Sydney, NSW, AU

Canceled due to a tornado going through the festival grounds the previous day.
2007-06-16 - Heineken Jammin' Festival, Venice, IT

Canceled due to nationwide forest fires.
2007-08-29 - Terra Vibe Park, Athens, GR

Canceled due to unknown reasons (likely slow sales)
2007-09-26 - Qwest Arena, Boise, ID

Canceled due to Jimmy suffering from chest pains.
2007-10-30 - Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA (rescheduled to 2007-11-15)
2007-10-31 - Fox Theater, Atlanta, GA (rescheduled to 2007-11-16)
2007-11-02 - The Backyard, Austin, TX (rescheduled to 2007-11-13)
2007-11-03 - Nokia Theater, Grand Prairie, TX (rescheduled to 2007-11-18)
2007-11-05 - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN (rescheduled to 2007-11-11)

Canceled due to unknown reasons (slow sales?).
2007-11-11 - Bang Music Festival, Miami, FL

The following date was rumored but never materialized.
2007-11-13 - Civic Center, Jacksonville, FL

Canceled for unknown reasons.
2008-01-27 - Belgrade Arena, Belgrade, RS
2008-01-29 - Budapest Arena, Budapest, HU

The following date was rumored but never materialized.
2008-03-18 - Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, IND

The following date was cancelled due to Billy being ill. It was rescheduled to 2008-12-08
2008-11-22 - Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL

Jimmy was set to fill in for Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins if he was unable to play, however, Perkins recovered
2009-08-09 - Grant Park (Lollapalooza), Chicago, IL

Dates were initially released in the tour announcement, but subsequently withdrawn
2010-07-23 - House of Blues, New Orleans, LA (moved to The Valarium in Knoxville, TN)
2010-07-24 - Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN

Most of the German leg of the tour was canceled due to "a change in the [band's] international promotional commitments"
2011-11-21 - Pier 2, Bremen, DE
2011-11-24 - Palladium Köln, Cologne, DE
2011-11-25 - Stadthalle, Offenbach, DE
2011-11-27 - Zenith, Munich, DE

Date was initially released in the tour announcement, but canceled without comment (poor ticket sales.)
2012-10-07 - Rogers Arena, Vancouver, CA

Date cancelled due to the band being trapped in a snow storm and unable to arrive in time; tickets were refunded
2016-03-30 - Ellie Caulkins Opera House, Denver, CO

Date cancelled due to band being ill 2022-05-24 - Atlantic Union Bank Pavilion, Portsmouth, VA, US