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SPLRA Release: Zwan 2003-04-17 AUD3 DAT(M) transfer

Tour page: Zwan2003-04-17

Thanks to our taper Arnold Leal and to Andrew Fogelsong for the transfer. Spaldz did the honors of releasing this one directly to the LMA.

Live Music Archive: Zwan 2003-04-17 AUD3

Marquee Theatre, Tempe, AZ, US

Taper: Arnold Leal (aleal5687)
Source: DSM6P + CSC > Y-adapter > mic-in > D7. Mics in Kangol hat, 10ft from right stack
Conversion (by Andrew Fogelsong): Tascam DA-20mkii(DAT-M) > Marantz PMD670 (WAV) 
FLAC (by Spaldz): WAV > Adobe Audition (editing) > CD Wave (track splitting) > foobar2000 (Live Show Tagger) (tagging) > FLAC

01. Jesus, I [Lyte] > God's Gonna Set This World on Fire
02. Endless Summer
03. El Sol
04. Heartsong
05. Ride a Black Swan
06. Yeah
07. Desire
08. Riverview
09. Baby, Let's Rock
10. Of a Broken Heart
11. Friends as Lovers, Lovers as Friends
12. Honestly
13. Settle Down

Encore One
14. Mary Star of the Sea

Encore Two
15. Lyric
16. A New Poetry

Thank you to Arnold Leal for sharing his master tapes and to Andrew Fogelsong for transferring them. This is a new source for the show and was previously unlisted. 

A Smashing Pumpkins Live Recording Association (SPLRA) Release