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Kevin and Bean Show, KROQ 106.7 FM, October 30th 1998. Here it is:

Intro: "Bullet With Butterfly Wings"

RadioDudes (Kevin#1 and/or Bean#2): It's the world famous KROQ, 106.7. It's the Kevin and Bean show at 9:15, it's the Halloween spook-tacular at the Kevin and Bean program. We had Marilyn Manson on the show earlier today, Chris Carter from the "X-Files" and "Millennium", and I guess this hour some highlights from our interview with KISS too. And right now...Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins. Hey Bill.

Billy Corgan (on phone): You guys are just bragging about your star power.

RD: I know big show today. Well, we don't normally have star power so today we to, you know, revel in it. We're blowing it out today Billy. How you doing?

BC: A little sleepy.

RD: Are you? Are you in bed right now?

BC: Actually (pauses) I'm in bed naked.

RD: Oh, baby. That was the next question (Radio chaos, gibberish from engineers and sidekicks. Hoots and hollers). That's too much information really.

BC: (laughs)

(Cheesy soft porno music begins in the background, laughter)

RD#1: So, what are, what are you thinking about? RD#2: Going back to sleep. RD#1: Just us off the phone probably.

(music stops)

RD: So, what do you think of the guys in KISS? Billy.

BC: They're great. They're fantastic.

RD: What do you mean? As musicians? As human beings? as entertainers? As what?

BC: Well, I mean as a band, I mean, they're legends. They revolutionized rock and roll, and I, uh, respect their vision very much. And, uh, as people they're awesome, I mean, they're so cool and, all of, uh, it's kinda surprising a lot of guys in the hard rock end of the world are usually pretty cool, alt rock is where everyone gets kinda funny.

RD: Kinda moody and funky.

BC: (laughs)

RD: It's amazing. I mean we've had these guys on before, their first show back in make-up a few years ago was, uh, at the KROQ weenie-roast. And, uh, so we'd had the chance to interview them before. But, they're, it's amazing, cause they always talk about how they're not in fashion, they've never been in fashion, they're not going to be in fashion, but screw everybody because the people who love 'em and the people behind 'em buy their records and the people come to see the shows and they get their moneys worth. It's really kind of refreshing attitude, they're not out there, they don't care one lick about creditbility and we don't here that from a lot of the people that we interview.

BC: Yeah, well, they come from a different world, as far as, you know, the world that they entered to was the mid-seventies, you know Shaun Cassidy and, you know, Disco. So you know their attitude at that point was very refreshing and kind of unique and they really, in a way, were a precursor to a lot of what has come.

RD: KISS was one of those bands you went to see as a kid, as a teenager, that just knocked your socks off?

BC: No, the funny thing about me, with all my classic rock head problems, is I was never allowed to go see all these bands.

RD: Mom and Dad?

BC: Yeah, they wouldn't...put up the 10 bucks, so....


BC: I mean, I missed everybody, I mean so everybody in my mind kind lives in MythWorld I think.

RD: So, now though, this year, you've really had the chance to make it up. I know you did a date with Cheap Trick.

BC: Yeah, we played with Cheap Trick before though, so...

RD: Yeah, and your getting ready to do this thing with KISS tommarow. Now is this the first time you've been on a bill with them?

BC: Yes.

RD: How'd that come about? Did they call you up and say "we're doing this Halloween thing..."?

BC: Gene Simmons was at one of the universal shows we played and he just came backstage and said, "we're doing this crazy 3-D (laughs hard) extravagganza (laughs again) would you like to be involved?"

RD: And you said sure. Is it a little daunting to play, I mean you guys have your own thing, but I mean their stage show is pretty legendary and this is supposed to be the biggest thing they've ever done. Yeah, is it a little daunting to play as the same stage as them or no, you just do your own thing?

BC: Well, they may have a 100,000 watts of lights but we have 200,000 watts of attitude.

RD: Their you go. Uh, are you doing anything special for tomarrow, being a halloween show?

BC: Yes, but I can't tell you.

RD: Oh, Hmm..give us a hint? Costumes?

BC: Ummmm....

RD: Candy? (laughter) you handing out candy? Tricks, treats? Come one give us a little hint....Come on Bill.

(radio banter about DJ calling Billy Bill)

BC: Naw, I don't want to give it away. I mean we're pretty much a one trick pony so if I tell you the one won't want to ride the pony.

RD: So are you all done with your own Pumpkins tour right now?

BC: Yeah, were going to start recording in a couple

RD: (Guinenly shocked) No way!

BC: Yeah.

RD: Wow, what do you have in mind?

BC: (long pause) Uh, I can't say that either. I'm determined not to tell anyone what we're doing on the next album (long ass pause) But let's just say it's gonna be big.

RD: (in unison) It's gonna be big.

BC: Yeah, think like the grandest, over the top thing you can think of and it's pretty close to that.

RD: Alright, o.k. Hey, uh, you're not the kinda guy who toots your own horn, certainly Billy, but you definately deserve some credit for the amount of money that you raised, I don't know what the exact figure was, but the Pumpkins gave away every penny of their proceeds on their tour they did this summer in a lot of cities all over the country, and it ended up being millions of dollars right?

BC: 2.7 million.

RD: Wow, how about that? (applause from engineers, DJ's, janitors and sidekick goons)

BC: Thank you.

RD: That's really cool. And I saw you in quite a few interviews where you were tired of everybody just whining all the time about problems and not actually doing anything. And you really did kinda picked it up and did something about it.

BC: Actually you guys were the begging of it. You know, when we did that interview from Japan. So that really helped thank you. And it's been great, you know the money's great but the amount of feedback that we've gotten from people saying, "It actually made me think about charitable work and now I'm helping here" That's what we really wanted to come out of it. So were very proud of that.

RD: Wow, you know it's so funny that we'd be having this conversation today cause we did something really uncharacteristic for our show this week, we spearheaded a blood drive yesterday, with a bunch of KROQ listeners cause we have critical blood drive shortage in Southern California. And we just now got the figures in from the American Red Cross, and they like blew out every record for one day donations at these locations that KROQ was at. And it's weird what a good feeling that is. You know you find there's a lot of good people out there that are willing to do a lot of good, they just don't know how to channel it or whatever. And sometimes all they need is to here about from a guy like you, Billy, or here about it on the radio, like yesterday and they go out and they do something and everybody wins. There are very few things in life like that, it's a real good feeling.

BC: Yeah, the feeling exists it just takes a little bit of focus.

RD: Right. Exactly.

BC: But, I think this is a very empowered generation and I think generation wise it's now being known even more likely to help and care because they're not coming out of the baby boomer parents.

RD: O.k. well listen. Uh, were about out of time but Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins. Tomarrow, Dodger Stadium, opening up for KISS. It's gonna be a hell of a show. And let me ask you one thing before we go, I saw your performance on the VH-1 Fashion Awards, did you get a chance to meet Tyra Banks?

(Engineers and sidekicks groan)

BC: You know, I did, I have meet her before.

RD#2: Tell me about that Billy. RD#1: Bean is obsessed with Tyra Banks, we apoligize for this question.

BC: Why? Why are obsessed with her?

RD#2: Why?! Have you seen her? Are you blind, man? She's gorgeous. And she's delightful and friendly and funny. She's just, she's all that.

BC: Well, (laughs)

RD#2: Did you talk to her?

BC: (laughs) Well, I did see her involved in some sort of nude cat fight.

(engineers and sidekicks laugh)

RD#2: (laughs) You did not. That's not true, I reject you totally! I reject you. Billy Corgan thanks for the time.

BC: O.k. bye.

RD: Have a great show tomarrow. Talk to you later. Bye-Bye.

(Billy hangs up)

RD#1: Why do you have to embarrass us like that?! God damn you! RD#2: They were on the same T.V show.

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