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Approximately 2,000 students at Koyakuin University, located just outside of Tokyo, got a surprise afternoon show from the Smashing Pumpkins on Wednesday (June 24) when the band rolled onto the campus and played selections from their new album, Adore. The gig began when the group boarded a flatbed truck about 1,000 feet from its final destination and began playing the intro to the song "To Sheila," according to the band's publicist, Gayle Fine, who was with them in Tokyo. Once the truck stopped, the group launched into a proper version of the song, followed by truck-top performances of the album's first single, "Ava Adore," as well as "Perfect," "Tear," "Once Upon a Time," "Let Me Give the World to You," "Shame," "For Martha" and a set-closing cover of Joy Division's "Transmission."